Ezyhaul Singapore- A logtech Startup Transforming The Road Freight Industry

Ezyhaul Singapore

Ezyhaul Singapore is a digital road freight platform that allows clients to make online bookings for B2B domestic and cross-border shipments. Their on-demand, online freight exchange platform connects shippers with reliable and pre-qualified domestic carriers who are underutilizing their assets. The company aims to build an ecosystem around transportation companies, shippers, authorities, and third party service partners.

Ezyhaul was founded in 2016 by Raymond Gillion (CEO) from the Netherlands, Mudasar Mohamed (COO) from India, and Nicky Lum (Director Sales) from Malaysia. All three of them with their experience in the logistics industry understood the challenges faced in business and they conceptualized Ezyhaul. The company utilizes the latest technologies to make shipping easy and create a hassle-free experience for carriers and shippers.

Ezyhaul Singapore

Ezyhaul Singapore- One-stop Center For Shippers To Transport Their Goods

Driven by data analytics and connected through the Internet of Things, Ezyhaul offers free online service for shippers to connect with transportation companies. The service also includes a real-time tracking system of the trucks and also provides access to electronic proof of deliveries (e-PODs) and electronic documentation.

The idea behind conceptualizing Ezyhaul was that most of the trucks plying on the roads with half loads and their return trips were often empty. However, if they register with Ezyhaul app, the transportation companies can have better load utilization.

Ezyhaul Singapore

Ezyhaul’s platform empowers all its partners with a choice of scale, carrier, and operational intelligence to accomplish improved logistics performance and reduce costs. The company has facilitated more than 50 million Kg of freight in 2018 itself. Ezyhaul’s client list includes some top companies like Coca Cola, Exide Industries, Reliance Industries, DHL, HIL, and DB Schenker.

The company recently launched an advanced control tower to monitor truck movements. It also provides intelligent exception alerts besides predicting estimated arrival timings of shipments by using advanced machine learning algorithms.

The Road Map

Ezyhaul has recently raised USD16 million in funding. However, the name of investors has not been disclosed. The company plans to use these funds to expand into new markets and to bring in new technologies to offer a plug-and-play model through its online platform to its clients.

Ezyhaul Singapore

The company claims to have grown more than 900% in the last year. Ezyhaul has reinforced its presence in South Asia by expanding its operations in Thailand and India after its successful launch in Singapore and Malaysia. The company has also integrated a cross-border solution that presently stretches from China and Singapore.

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Image Source –Ezyhaul Singapore Official Website, pixabay.com

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