Elaine Tsung, Garage Society - The Pioneer Of Coworking In Asia

Elaine Tsung

Elaine Tsung is the founder and CEO of Hong Kong based coworking space provider Garage Society. She is an investment banker turned serial entrepreneur and founded Garage Society in the year 2014 to address the changing workspace needs of the young population across Asia. She successfully identified coworking as an emerging business opportunity during its nascent stage and successfully created a sustainable business. Garage Society has gone on to become a leader in the coworking space in Asia in the last 5 years and Elaine is rightly called the pioneer of coworking in Asia.

Elaine began her career at Jardine Fleming Investment Management. Later she entered the coworking industry in the year 2010 and founded Hive, the first co-working space in Hong Kong opening 4 offices in Hong Kong and Thailand. 

In 2018, she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the American Chamber of Commerce and was also a finalist at Verve Clicquot Woman in Business Award. She is highly respected as a visionary and successful female entrepreneur. 

In an exclusive interview with AsiaTechDaily, she says -

“Don’t go after money but focus on doing the right thing” 
In the modern business world, it’s easy to get lost and one may focus on going after the money. But remember, it’s more important to focus on ‘doing the right thing’, and to me it’s delivering value to our members. Once you are doing the right things, money will naturally, or at least usually follow. This is the only way to build a sustainable and valuable business. 

Read on to know more about Elaine Tsung, her views on running a successful business and lots more.

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