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There are multiple activities that human beings engage in their day to day life and one of them that is often not talked about but is a relevant and substantial part of our normal life cycle is masturbating. In a layman’s language, masturbation can be explained as touching ourselves while imagining sexually activating instances or watching adult explicit contents/ porn. Masturbation though looked down as malpractice in the society is yet witnessed as a prominent activity done by a majority of the people most of them being males. Sexual satisfaction is very much similar to a hungry hound, if you do not feed the “hungry hound”, eventually the “hungry hound” will feed on you. Read on to know about Dplug Labs cutting-edge device.

It is still considered a taboo but the truth is that studies prove that 96% of men and 80% of women have masturbated in their lifespan. Statistics say that men spend 4 days per week, 14 minutes per session and 46 hours per year masturbating. The statistics also shows that lack of physical sexual satisfaction leads to make people feel lonely, depressed, desperate, distracted leading to bad health. 

Unfortunately, not everyone gets their love-mate hence these vulnerable individuals tag along with their hand-mate. The method of using hand even though seems to gross or weird is found to be one of the most common methods used. The other method apart from jerking using only with hands is using ordinary adult sex toys. But the question arises: Is it the right way? 

Is using hands and ordinary adult sex toys the right way to do?

Even though using hands is a very multitudinous practice but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy and the right process to go about. There are major chances that use of hand may lead to causing “death grip syndrome” Now what is that? Death grip syndrome is a situation where due to an aggressive and high recurrent masturbation technique the individual while having actual sex cannot attain orgasm due to high anesthetization as a result of overstimulation. This means that an individual would never be satisfied during sexual intercourse due to his very high stimulated aggressive masturbation technique. This can be seen as a more serious of a situation because one should not rely solely on themselves and their methods but share physical intimacy with other humans. 

Moreover, when we talk about the ordinary sex toys, they are due to their incapability of giving a real like touch and experience makes it boring leading to the individual having an unpleasant experience and unsatisfied vibes. The ordinary sex toys are made of silicon which even though reduces the cost of production for the firm but never reach up the level of giving a real touch experience and speaking of the vibration provided, practically speaking who would want a continuous series of consistent vibration without some change in frequency to make things interesting not boring.

What sex toy or method should be used?

Dplug Labs introduced a sex toy along with an app connected to the device which helps the individual to gain a better experience. The app acts as a Mjolnir to Thor. It acts as a weapon and helps to induce the better working of the sex toy known as a masturbator. The app detects the unique modulation of female moans and manages the frequency of contraction and relaxation accordingly. The masturbator works on the principle of need during the act and not the principle of being consistent with same frequency all the time (let’s be honest who likes the same frequency with no surprises and changes to exciting). The other device similar to masturbator is an air pump along with a heat regulator and a similar application. 

The objective of this device is to give more amount of real experience and touch other than using ordinary non-satisfying toys. The device aims at maintaining its temperature with the temperature of the body to make the individual feel warm and unique as if he/she is doing it in real life. 

Dplug Labs’ device and application vs ordinary adult sex toys

Ordinary sex toys use the method of vibration and they try to give visual pleasure through the genital like the shape of the device. The ordinary sex device aims to give the experience to the users through the obscene shape of the product and in few they also give the option to change the frequency (manually) whereas in Dplug Labs device the system is divided into several parts having a different part of the job. One part of the system consists of an application which recognizes the frequency of the female’s moan and induces the air pump of the masturbator accordingly, the application also changes its viewer manual according to the preferences and past viewed content for easy undergoing of the process and in another similar device which consisted of an air pump that stimulates the contraction and relaxation of the vagina and the other part of the device’s system deals with the heating magnitude making the skin feel like the body temperature giving another level of real experience. 

The better feature of Dplug Labs device is the non-obscene shape and look which gives comfortable touch and does not have the risk of being found and leading to an embarrassment. 

Future of sex devices and scope of development

With the increasing role of artificial intelligence and virtual reality device in the industry as well as in the systems of the sex toy has led to an increase in the better technical use of sex devices. As the millennials who are taking over the generation rely on fast and efficient process over using cumbersome methods, even in the work of masturbation, have now helped the current elders and juniors understand that diverse use of technology is the prioritized path towards development and not obsolete ways. Nowadays investors have started to look at these sex devices as an opportunity over something to avoid association with. The new comers in the sex device building industry believe in the methods of obtaining feedback regarding their experiences to bring changes if needed in the device for better performance as well as building a better knowledge about sex education to advance and promote their products and create a positive awareness about such crucial and important subjects.

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