K-Startup Week ComeUp 2019- The Annual Flagship Event For Startups

ComeUp 2019

It’s that time of the year when the startups gear up to attend the flagship annual event ComeUp 2019 being held in November in Seoul. 


The main aim of ComeUp 2019 is to promote the Korean startup ecosystem both at home and internationally. The event will witness the startup founders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and media gathering together to build a global network besides sharing and discussing win-win strategies. 

About the event - ComeUp 2019

ComeUp 2019 has been designed to support scale-up by building a global network. There are a variety of programs planned including public and private events that will feature panel talks, speeches, networking, IR, exhibitions, and entrepreneurial ecosystem tours. The program will be held this year from 27th November to 29th November.

The event has been organized by the Ministry of startups and SMEs, Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development, and private startup ecosystem. The event will be held for three days at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. There is a pre-event program to be held on 27th November for different stakeholders including domestic and international to make them acquainted with the Korean startup ecosystem. The event will introduce a few of the outstanding startup companies and programs for startups in Korea and also showcase the growth potential of the country’s startups by visiting the unicorn company.

There are total of 8 sessions planned for the event which will be spread over two days. These programs will reflect global trends in numerous industries like Edu-tech, food tech, bio & health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment, frontier tech, mobility, and Fin-Tech. There will be panel talks and in-depth lectures on the issues that are emerging in the startup ecosystem which will be conducted by prominent speakers from the country and abroad. The IR competition being held aims to discover the talent pool of globally competitive entrepreneurs. This program will help in promoting this talent to both overseas and domestic startups to build up their connections with people involved with startups. 

Last year the event witnessed CEOs of prominent companies like Thinktomi, Brand Builders, MashupAngels, EndeavorVR, Shazam, etc. as key speakers. This year as well there are many prominent speakers and mentors from the startup ecosystem who will be gracing the event.

To name a few of our speakers at this year’s event- Mr. BongJin Kim (CEO, Woowabros.), Eugene Kim (General Partners, SparkLabs), Taekkyung Lee (representative partner, MashupAngels), Julian Klaus (startup lead Korea, BMW), Nayoung Louie (lecturer, John Hopkins University), Soh Kim (Executive Director, Food Design Lab), SJ Lee (Founder & CEO- Orum Therauptics), Simon Seojoon Kim (CEO & Managing Partner- #Hashed), Seungjoon Lee (CEO & Co-founder- Amaze VR), Seungkyu Lee (Co-Founder/EVP- Smartstudy), Sharon Kim (Director- Bass Investment), Pilsung Lee (CEO- Sandbox), Matt Evans (CEO- ILEOSCIENCE), Kiwoong Lee (Founder & CEO- Wecook), Jungju Oh (General Manager-Bearrobotics) and many more.

What's In Store At The Event

The industry experts who are part of the startup ecosystem in each country will run various programs such as; workshops, mentoring, and networking to strengthen connections. 

ComeUp 2019 will begin with an opening keynote speech at 10:30 am on 28 Nov’ 19 followed by other keynote speeches from industries of Food Tech and EduTech & Lifestyle respectively. There will be panel talk (Food Tech) from 11:30-12 pm followed by IR competition for both Food Tech and EduTech & Lifestyle industry. The panel talks will also be done from beauty, biotech & pharma, Med-Tech & Health-tech, and fashion industries which will be followed by IR competition from bio& health and beauty & fashion to mark the end the of the day. 

The next day i.e. 29th November will begin with an opening panel talk followed by a panel talks on artificial intelligence, entertainment, frontier tech, mobility, Fintech along with keynote speeches and IR competition at different time slots. Please check the schedule of programs for the event on both days.

Just a day before the main event there is a summit which has been organized by MMS; the ASEAN-ROK Startup Summit which will be held at the Exhibition Centre I, BEXCO on 26th November. The theme of the event is “ASEAN-ROK Startup, Booting up the economy’’ and the purpose of this special event is to build startup ecosystem for prosperity and peace. It will give an opportunity to share the latest startup trends in Korea and ASEAN to reinforce cooperation between both sides. The ASEAN-ROK summit will also consist of panel discussions and lectures from global businesses and Unicorn enterprises

There are no registration charges for the main event and can be done only from the official website https://www.kcomeup.com/. Startups can register for the event after they join the membership.

You have to be there to experience it. Please click here to get yourself registered. 

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