Cialfo Singapore- An Edtech Startup Revolutionizing The process Of College Admissions

Cialfo Singapore

Cialfo Singapore is an education startup helping students with college admissions. The company’s platform helps in managing the student’s applications to colleges in the U.S. and around the world.  From creating, managing, and tracking applications, Cialfo is where college applications flow.

Cialfo was founded in 2012 by Rohan Pasari and Stanley Chia, who met while studying at the Nanyang Technological University. Stanley is the COO while Pasari is CEO of the company. Both of them had experienced the challenges while seeking admission into best colleges and this was the reason why Cialfo was born. The company’s vision is to globally democratize education and by 2020 they plan to help 1 million students through Cialfo platform.

Cialfo Singapore

Cialfo Singapore- Dominating Online College Admission Scenes

Cialfo Singapore has grown significantly both in terms of popularity and operations. There are 300 plus schools globally that are using Cialfo. With 4 offices worldwide managing schools in 40 plus countries that are using Cialfo platform, the 35 members highly talented team has put up a great show across the globe.

Since inception, the company has strived to sharpen their B2B focus to reach a greater audience while working with strategic partners across India, China, Singapore, Mongolia, UAE, and Thailand. Cialfo Singapore plans to expand its operations in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Cialfo Singapore

The online platform of Cialfo Singapore aggregates information such as; application requirements and deadlines, acceptance rates, essay prompts, and also allows for the timely submission of application documents and faster communication on the status of applications. The company has been helping students and educators alike. Whether it is a college counselor, principal, or superintendent of a district, Cialfo has been helping educators to move forward.

What makes Cialfo Singapore stand out is the level of customizability that it offers.

Funding- All Sorted!

The company has recently secured USD 3 million funding led by DLF Ventures along with the participation from SEED Capital an Enterprise Singapore’s investment arm, angel investors, and YK Capital. The total funding amount raised is USD 5 million which will help Cialfo in its expansion plan in the U.S.

Cialfo Singapore

The Way Forward

Cialfo has secured a partnership with The Common Application and Parchment to provide electronic document delivery to colleges. The company seeks to target USD 2 billion global markets and acquires a top three position in the U.S. market.

Cialfo Singapore's ability to disrupt the counseling market and their well-rounded online platform has given them a niche in the Edtech market. With 24/7 customer support bringing the average response time from days to just a few hours, Cialfo is ready to soar high.

Cialfo Singapore

To learn more about Cialfo Singapore's online college admission platform, get in touch with the team today!

Keep an eye on this innovative startup and many more such startups.

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