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Interviews — 1 Dec 2023
by Gauri

The investment immigration market has witnessed exceptional growth in recent years, with projections indicating a staggering $100 billion valuation by 2025. This surge can be attributed to the increasing desire of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) worldwide to secure a second citizenship. Amal El Habziz’s role lies in the core of this dynamic industry. A dedicated […]

Featured — 29 Nov 2023

Japan, for many non-Japanese entrepreneurs, is a wonderful market but with many barriers. A different language. A culture very different from that of the Western world. A conservative and slow decision-making process in corporations. These all seem to signal that change is not welcome here. That might not be the case, actually. Fintech start-up Habitto […]

Featured — 17 Nov 2023
by Gauri

Hailing from Singapore, Jeshua Soh is a young and dynamic angel investor who has woven a narrative that curves through unconventional education, accidental entrepreneurship, and a globetrotting escapade to over 55 countries across five continents.  In an exclusive interview with the Editor of Asia Tech Daily, Jeshua Soh describes his journey, which is a narrative […]

Featured — 3 Nov 2023
by Gauri

In the fast-paced world of venture capital, experience and expertise are the keys to success. The Editor of Asia Tech Daily had the privilege of sitting down with a seasoned investor, Vadim Shpak, who has not only witnessed the industry’s evolution but has also played a pivotal role in shaping it.  We present an insightful […]

Featured — 28 Oct 2023

According to iLife* founder Nelson Lee, roughly $200 billion in premiums are signed annually in the U.S. insurance industry — in terms of life insurance premiums, 95% are sold by insurance agents and brokers, showing how critical these frontline workers are to this mammoth industry. After interviewing 200 such salespeople, Nelson had another interesting finding: […]

Featured — 26 Oct 2023
by Gauri

The intersection of science and venture capital can do wonders and uncover a champion in a city like Silicon Valley. In the epicenter of tech, where innovation thrives, Alex Luce bridges materials science and venture capital, carving a niche as a Partner at Creative Ventures. His story, deeply rooted in science and driven by an […]

Interviews — 20 Oct 2023
by Gauri

Venture investment is a high-stakes game that demands vision, persistence, and adaptability. Although venture capital is often viewed as a maze, there are those who have paved the way, making the journey smoother for others. One such luminary is Yongmin Kim, whose journey through the ups and downs of the investment industry is nothing short […]

Founders’ interviews — 13 Oct 2023
by Gauri

The global events and meetings industry is a powerhouse, driving billions of dollars in economic activity with countless business opportunities. The dynamic tech landscape is continually reshaping the way we approach business events. Founded by Younghak Ahn, EVENTUS is not just another startup; it’s a tech force rewriting the script for business events, and its […]

Interviews — 11 Oct 2023

Over the last decade, the landscape of venture investing in the U.S. has undergone transformations, and this evolution has not escaped the keen eyes of tech investors. Team Asia Daily spoke to one such venture capitalist Jessie Wu, an early-stage investor at Upshot Ventures, in an exclusive interview, shedding light upon her investment journey while paving […]

Featured — 4 Oct 2023

The search market is changing. When you type in a single word, you get a huge amount of data in various forms, such as dictionary definitions, videos, and blogs. Today, however, services that simplify search results and provide customized information that users actually want are growing rapidly. Even in Korea, the market share of search […]