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If you have ever thought of car trading, you might have understood the troubles in the process. To tackle this came up with a creative way to counter it. Traditionally, we had to book and keep waiting for some potential buyer to show up, driving in all the way to completely different locations and ending up with negativity in trading and selling your cars. If at all you encounter a prospect, there are further problematic transactions and trust issues on the buyer. All these make the selling process entirely troublesome and tedious.

Valued Service For Trading

The is one prominent digital market that enables sellers to sell their cars online.

The car that you put up for sale will be sold within 1 hour since has networked with more than 1000 buyers throughout Indonesia. This enables the sellers to feel at ease and satisfied with a simple process to identify buyers. operate at more than 30 locations around Greater Jakarta to inspect the vehicle that is set for sale. They aid in evaluating the price and the status of vehicles of all types that are required to be sold along with a detailed report for the seller and the buyer’s convenience. The team of inspectors, call center agents and sales consultants aid in every step of the process while putting you at ease and a sense of trust and safety for your car.

The Inception Of The Firm was initiated in the April of 2017 as a partnership between founders, Rolf Monteiro of Berlin-based Frontier Car Group and Intudo Ventures, which is the only independent venture capital firm of Indonesia.

This business venture soon turned into a gigantic platform for buying and selling cars with a plethora of private network of trusted buyers. They are currently business partners with PT and OLX, focussing on expanding their establishment across Jakarta.

Fortifying Their Name In The Global Market has secured a series of funds led by Frontier Car Group, which is the parent company. With several other investors, received the US $10 million funding. aims to expand its establishment across cities in Indonesia by launching new services and recruiting more staffs.

They introduced financial services, fleet services and trade in services for new car showrooms. Financial services will be a priority in the year 2019 for They envision to eliminate several hurdles and providing unlimited access to working capital. The Firm aims to grow as the biggest technological platform for buying and selling cars in South Asia.

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