Cambodian Startup Meal Temple Group Invests in Bhutan’s DrukRide

Cambodia-headquartered food delivery startup Meal Temple Group announced that it has expanded into Bhutan by investing in and partnering with DrukRide, one of the most promising startups in the country that focuses on the transportation industry.

DrukRide, founded by Jigme Thinley Yoezer Rinzin, is Bhutan’s online bus ticket booking services. It offers domestic and foreign travelers a hassle-free way to book and purchase bus tickets without the need to be physically present in bus terminals and stops.

On its website, DrukRide said it has “revolutionized Bhutan’s online bus ticket booking industry” by bringing together bus operators covering Twenty Dzongkhag routes across the country.

DrukRide also has a network of thousands of drivers through its ride-hailing service called MyDrukRide.

Financial details of Meal Temple’s investment were not disclosed in the announcement.

Following its investment, Meal Temple Group will partner with DrukRide to offer food delivery in Bhutan. The group said it will implement its technology locally through DrukFood to operate the country’s first and only food delivery platform.

In a statement, Meal Temple Group said more than 80 restaurants in Bhutan are already working with its local team to offer meals to customers through the city of Thimpu.

Rinzin, DrukRide’s founder, said the partnership with Meal Temple Group will address hundreds of daily orders within the next few weeks.

“We are also proud to participate in Meal Temple Group’s vision to address more than 100 million customers in frontier Asian markets in the next 12 months,” he said.

Aside from entering Bhutan’s food delivery space, Meal Temple Group is also keen on offering other services in the country, similar to the services that it is already offering in other markets, to become a super app.

Meal Temple Group’s expansion in Bhutan comes less than a year after the Cambodian startup raised an undisclosed amount from European and Australian investors.

The startup started in 2013 as a food delivery platform. It has since then expanded into thirteen online platforms, including grocery delivery GroceryDelivery.asi; tuktuks and taxis booking; restaurant booking Khmer Table; and ecommerce platform for farm produce Khmer Direct.

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