Brinc Hong Kong- A Global Venture And Supply Chain Management Empowering Entrepreneurs

Brinc Hong Kong

Brinc Hong Kong is a venture accelerator company that offers services and programs tailored for hardware startups looking for access, speed, and the know-how to build successful companies. The company’s goal is to help improve the quality of startups in China to help create more opportunities.

Brinc Honk Kong believes in creating and fostering an entrepreneurial environment by providing partnership and strong community network to accelerate IoT startups and attract top talents and teams to China and Hong Kong for smart technology ventures.

The company has been founded in 2014 by Manav Gupta and Bay McLaughlin. Mr. Manav Gupta is a technology visionary and works with startups, corporates, and manufacturers across the world. Before Brinc, he was CEO and co-founder of an award-winning mobile innovation London based company FabriQate. Bay McLaughlin has a vast experience in founding startups and he brings in that experience to connect dots from Asia to Silicon Valley for IoT companies across the world.

Brinc Hong Kong

What Makes Brinc Hong Kong One Of The World’s Leading Venture Accelerator?

Brinc Hong Kong operates in seven comprehensive accelerator programs in Europe, India, Middle East, and Hong Kong. The company accelerates startups focused on IoT, connected hardware, Food technology, drones, robotics, and energy & Industrial IoT.

The manufacturing services offered by Brinc Hong Kong help startups to make their product on time, at the right time, and to specifications in China. The Brinc startups get the best of both worlds- access to global markets, manufacturing in the PRD, all while having a team in Hong Kong. The company till date has invested in 60 startups from 26 countries.

Brinc Hong Kong

Brinc Hong Kong helps startups to scale their business through purchase order financing, market entry support into China and the Middle East, and inventory backed lending.

The company also has a spinout called Brinc AOA (Accelerator of Accelerators). Brinc’s AOA seeks to provide fee-based training to accelerators, incubators, and investment companies.

The Road Map

The company has recently raised USD 1.5 million pre-seed funding which will be used on operating and developing training programs around China for both new and existing accelerator, incubator, and investment companies. Brinc’s goal for 2019 is to run 4 training programs educating 100 plus accelerator programs.

Brinc Hong Kong

The pre-seed round of Brinc AOA is being led by Animoca and Artesian Brands. It is being said that the partnership between Brinc and Animoca will see the development of gaming and e-sports perpendicular with the support and training of Brinc AOA. The expansion plan of Brinc AOA is from the Greater Bay Area cities and then eventually expanding to cities like Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and many other.

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