BOTANICSENS - A Science-Based Beauty Brand


In a world full of products made from harmful chemicals that are harmful to the human body, one needs to switch to something more organic and natural. The chemical products steal the natural glow and health from our skin and make it look more artificial.

Natural beauty products are more environment friendly. These chemical-free products make your skin feel and look healthy and younger. So, they induce a natural glow with the help of rejuvenating cells under your skin.

BOTANICSENS - A Revolutionary Beauty Brand

BOTANICSENS is a science-based beauty brand with the core value to find ways for your skin to blossom from within. All that they provide is evidence-based. They find it necessary to prove the effects of the products with real results. Natural products are made from the blessings of mother nature. The plants with their rich store of vitamins and minerals are a great source to make revitalizing products which BOTANICSENS totally leverages. The effectiveness of ingredients from such plants is immense and a lot healthier with almost zero side-effects. Based on these benefits, the company seeks to lead a new paradigm with skincare products for the world. Something that has never been experienced before. 

Perfect For Every Skin Problem

In our day to day lives, we require multiple skincare products to protect ourselves from the harsh climate conditions. Different people have different skin combinations and problems. Also, it is sometimes hard to find what suits your skin the most without causing more damage of any kind in the long run. To protect ourselves from the sun, sunscreen is a must to have. Then again in summer, we require light moisturizers. A wide variety of skin products are in the market, but the chemicals added to the products available in the market is a big concern. These chemicals penetrate deep into our skin damaging the cells deep underneath our skin. BOTANICSENS is committed to solve this problem by offering a diverse product range of natural ingredient based offerings.

Organic And Natural

BOTANICSENS invests in the biotechnological approach of finding the right compounds. The organic ingredients used positively affects the skin and rejuvenates it. They avoid to add any harmful skin compounds for short term results. It's time that we invest in good quality organic and natural products. This is because these products have very high chances of suiting almost all skin types. It is due to the similarities of our organic origins and our body's acceptance of the naturally present chemical forms. The company has a wide range of dermatologically approved products for sensitive skin as well.

The product line includes light sunscreen creams, renewal creams, decanal creams, cleansing lotion, and facial oils, ionone body wash, cream and oil, ionone hand cream and scalp tonics.

BOTANICSENS is a brand with a goal to achieve chemical-free skincare for its customers giving them a green and organic lifestyle. For centuries humans rely on nature for their beauty and skincare products which have proven to be highly effective. So, we must carry on this age-old practice and remain healthy. 

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