Alami Sharia Indonesia- A Well-Known Name In the Field of FinTech

Alami Sharia Indonesia

Alami Sharia Indonesia is a leading name in the field of FinTech. They have revolutionized the peer-to-peer lending in Indonesia. It brings the SME’s and financial providers on a uniform platform. Alami Sharia helps to make a business more accurate, efficient, and transparent while providing credible and high-quality financing.

A registered P2P financing platform, Alami Sharia Indonesia recently announced that they had bagged the pre-seed funding round, which is led by Tryb Group. Tryb is an organization which is radically improving the financial services in Southeast Asia. They believe in supporting the entrepreneurs, by investing in ASEAN FinTech. Tryb has contributed a great deal in backing the founders along with the teams, which are focusing on the evergrowing FinTech market of Southeast Asia.

Alami Sharia Indonesia

Promising Potential To Grow

PT Alami Teknologi Sharia Group, or simply called as Alami Sharia Indonesia, has said the money would go into supporting their go-to-market strategy and product. In the words of Herston Powers, the Principal at Tryb, the Sharia FinTech has the potential for immense growth. It is like an untapped market in Indonesia. With the adoption of Fintech and the consequent rise in demand from over the different customer, segments will have an increased share of Sharia finance’s share in total assets.

Alami Sharia Indonesia

Currently, Alami Sharia Indonesia is operating in a marketplace for Islamic financing. They are working with multiple parties like sharia banks, who then facilitate the invoice financing of SME’s. The company has recently secured a registration under the Financial Services Authority (OJK) of the country. Powers believes that the government offers strong vocal government support for FinTech and sharia finance. This has eventually caused a positive impact on the financing sector.

Thriving Growth Prospect – Alami Sharia Indonesia Making An Impact!

Dima Djani is the CEO and founder of Alami Sharia Indonesia. He aims to make the Islamic Finance transparent, accurate, and efficient for all the parties. They strive to create financial literacy among the market participants and provide them with access to the capital, which is governed by sharia principles. Alami aims to become the best and most widely used platform to satisfy all Islamic financial needs. It will be possible only because they offer responsible and customer-oriented products. Moreover, they are increasingly adopting for the SME’s, as well as of individuals.

Alami Sharia Indonesia

With the companies joining hands together, they are going to change the FinTech market all over Southeast Asia and beyond. Alami Sharia Indonesia will become the top choice for all Islamic investors.

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