Ajaib – Your Guide To Smart Investments

Investing your financial resources in the ideal entities has always been a task that requires an immense understanding of the market and the upcoming rise or fall in the same. The sheer experience that is needed to invest correctly to gain a significant profit has repelled new investors from getting into the field. This very thought birthed Ajaib – an application created by the brilliant minds at Y Combinator to guide the people to invest smartly. Ajaib has also secured a seed-funding of US $2.1 million which represents the potential of the concepts and the ideas built on.

  • Technological and Financial Expertise – The foundation of Ajaib is formed by harmoniously combining the field of financial expertise and advancing technology. Owing to the data-driven background tasks, assisted by the financial experts at the helm, allows the application to understand your previous investments and your risk tolerance to present you with investing options.
  • Security – One doesn’t need to worry about if their financial resources are within a secure environment or not while using Ajaib. The application and creators have partnered with some of the most trustful banking partners to ensure that your money is safe and secure. Along with the same, the application gives its users a chance to invest with asset managers that have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the field.

  • Accessible – Ajaib allows its users to engage with the application’s features with minimal requirements. Users can open their respective accounts from within the application without any hidden account opening charges. Along with the same, there are no selling, buying, or switching charges involved in its interface. This allows the users of this application to open their investing accounts within a minute without any paperwork or additional requirement.
  • User-Friendly Interface – The interface within the application is easy to navigate from. The relevant data is organized in their categories which makes it simpler for a user to access a particular set of their data. The application also presents the user with investing options based according to their risk tolerance and their past investments.

Ajaib is one of the most convenient applications for anyone who wishes to invest their financial resources into the right places and wants to gain a significant profit out of the same. Owing to the application foundation created by combining financial and technical expertise, it is also one of the more reliable applications built to guide your financial assets towards the correct entity.


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