A Revolutionary Way To Learn With Byju

A growing phenomenon across the globe is eLearning. That online courses save a lot of time and are affordable has made them popular among students. Additionally, technology has allowed these online courses to be far more interactive thus increasing the engagement. Assessments and branching technology can also help in personalizing the study materials giving the learners an additional resource and path through the material based on existing knowledge and learning styles.

In India, parents will invest in their children’s education since good education can give them a plethora of opportunities. Byju, India’s largest educational company offers adaptive, engaging, and highly effective learning programs for students from grade 4-12. Besides that, it also offers eLearning for competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, IAS, CAT, GMAT, and GRE. Since its launch in 2015, it has become the most preferred learning app. The company has over 21 million registered students across 1700+ cities.


Byju pioneering ‘better learning for tomorrow’

Byju has been ranked as the fourth most valuable startup in India, has raised $540 million as a part of a funding round led by Naspers Ltd. It is expected that the company is set to grow its revenues by at least three times. Byju Raveendran, founder of the company believes that people in India give importance to the quality of education and hence the need to create an engaging and high-impact learning app. This digital platform has been lucrative for the company and is looking forward to expanding in international markets as well.

The learning philosophy

The learning app makes use of interactive simulations, rich and engaging animation video lessons from India’s best teachers. Most important, the content is original. There are 1000+ hours of video lessons available covering all concepts. The learners are also given unlimited practice questions and the test is done with deep analysis. The app also offers adaptive paths to cater to each student’s learning need. The personalized training helps students to learn according to their own pace and style. Besides that, when a student begins a journey with Byju a rich learning profile is built to personalize the experience.

Enjoy an engaging and effective learning experience with Byju

The high-quality learning modules and interactive videos across all courses and grades provide an effective learning experience. A combination of content, media, and technology has helped Byju create a holistic learning ground for students. The real-life teachers and the use of technology have made the delivery of concepts engaging, easy, and effective. The concepts are created helped by videos, flashcards, adaptive flows, quizzes, correctional videos, etc.

Get in touch with Byju’s team today and choose the best path to success for your child.

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