Zinier Singapore- Taking Field Operations To The Next Level

Zinier was founded by Andrew Wolf and Arka Dhar in the year 2015. Also known as Zinier mobile, the intelligent field service automation platform helps large scale enterprise efficaciously track and manage sales and service operations with AI-driven insights and recommendations. , the cloud-based platform enhances the customer experience by many times often. Zinier does everything from matching the right work to the right people to creating gradual mobile workflows for guiding technicians. Headquartered in Burlingame, California, Zinier also has offices in Bengaluru, Singapore, and Mexico City.

How The Company Makes Use of AI?

Zinier, AI-powered automation for field service, declared that it has terminated it’s Series B funding round for $22 million led by Accel, along with Qualcomm Ventures, France-based Newfund, Founders Fund, and Nokia-backed NGP Capital. In the year 2018, Zinier instigated Field Service Elements behind a Series A funding round which enabled the company to incorporate multiple global telecommunications providers into its customer portfolios. Most important, the funds received by Zinier will be utilized for platform expansion and boosting the company’s growth to keep up with the demand in the field service organizations with intelligent automation.

Zinier features an AI-driven platform of field service elements that amalgamates artificial intelligence and insights to automate back-office functions with a complete mobile experience for field technicians. Hence, it results in a device that assists with monitoring of equipment health and historical data to automatically generate a preventive service request and assign it to the closest qualified technician.

The Road Map

The company aims to make use of its approach to enable field service organizations to gather massive streams of data in the field and utilize that data to enhance productivity, decrease costs, and increase customer satisfaction concomitantly. There is a great deal of demand for platform-based automated field space in infrastructure-heavy sectors like telecom and energy. With additional investments, Zinier aims to continue expanding the potential of the platform and improve the reach of intelligent field service automation so it can be availed at strategic markets and geographies as well.

Zinier is a one-stop solution for touchless field service delivery that helps large-scale organizations with intricate processes. At present, Zinier operates in APAC, North America, and LATAM as well as in the vertical markets focusing on energy and telecom industries.

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