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A typical job profile will require a certain level of “mastery” in a specific field. There is nothing ”typical” about the profile of an entrepreneur trying to kick start a new venture.  There is no specific skill set in which one needs to excel. The founder of a startup has to excel in almost all positions and possess most skill levels required in the business. 

During the infancy stages of a new venture, the head must wear multiple caps to take control and ensure that he is in on everything and every aspect of the venture’s anatomy.

Designations and titles which specify the role ( such as designer, relationship officer, manager, director, supervisor, etc)  must be done away with and you must make way for individuals who are open to dive into any and many profiles at once. 

In other words, prepare to be the Jack of all and master of all. The best approach to kick start an enterprise would be to take on the numerous roles your business has to offer, headfirst and hands-on. The benefits you reap this way will most definitely outweigh the initial hiccups and inconveniences. 

Prepares You for Emergencies

The first thing Boy Scout classes will teach you is how to use that multi-utility knife tucked away at the back of your pouch! When the going gets tough, a good leader must make use of the multiple skill sets required to get out of the woods. 

This becomes a time to wear multiple hats and take on the issue hands-on, regardless of designation, qualification or title.

Reduces initial burn rate

It helps to at least provide the skill sets required for the venture, till the time enough revenues are generated to be able to hire more team members. Burning up cash reserves at the very start to fill up unnecessary roles such as front desk, designer, and the rest will not help the company optimize on its capital. Initial phases of a new business require the heads to fill in the gaps of unfilled positions to hold the workplace functions together. 

This requirement makes it imperative that leaders of the business possess a broad skill set to ensure the company does not falter right at the point of inception.

The learning will improve leadership

Being a “Jack of all” founder will be a critical skill required for the growth of your new set up. Hands-on problem solving and creative thinking will do wonders for an environment which is dynamic and brings in new challenges every day. 

 By involving yourself in every intricacy of the business, be it admin, sales, product design or recruitment, you will push yourself to be a better leader, innovator, and co-worker.

Trying not to focus only on your strength, but to be more of a generalist instead of a specialist, will help in spotting out the weakest link and problem areas when the venture faces challenging moments in the future.

Being able to adapt, by using a broader set of skills in the volatile world of business will be the key to surviving during crunch time. 

Expanding Your Own Learning Horizons

It is natural to feel out of your comfort zone when trying to put in your efforts in every operation of the business. At first instinct, you may feel like you know little or nothing about certain key departments. 

For instance, as a founder, your accounting or admin skills may understandably not be your forte. Use this as a point of learning, humble down and ask questions however simple and basic they may seem.

 Being a successful founder does not mean you specialize in all there is to know. Embrace the fact that you need to learn, bridge the gap and do the research needed for those skill sets. Working on acquiring a broad skill set will not only help you grow as a leader but also help pull the company out situations when resources are tight.


Healthy Learning And Work Environment – Founder Leading From The front!

When the leader of a team gets involved in every department of the firm’s working, each team member automatically tries to put in their best at the job. For instance, a product designer will want to put in the best at work every single day when he or she knows that the head is aware of what needs to be done and what the fallacies may be. 

With the founders and co-founders tuned in and well aware of the workings of each area as a domino effect, the office will be buzzing with people wanting to better their performance by asking questions, doing their homework and learning more. 

The urge to learn everything and the thirst for new knowledge at the top levels will have a natural trickle-down effect on the entire team. 

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