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SelenaGo Indonesia

Providing the citizenry with the occasion to have a fun-time, SelenaGo Indonesia is a digital venture with its headquarters set up in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The project is positioned at 13,900,906 among all the globally established websites. The leisure site has been ranked so, on the basis of 519 web visitors catered by it on a monthly basis. With Artin Wuriyani as its CEO, the company was founded in 2018, seeking to deliver the service of showcasing the various options to put the free time to the most pleasurable alternative. It is not only a service to the general public, looking for enjoyment venues, but also to the entrepreneurs aiming to dodge physical and laboring ticketing system, thus aiding various event organizers and service providers in the market.

What Makes It Unique?

SelenaGo Indonesia

SelenaGo Indonesia offers a diverse collection of recreational pursuits and pastime options. One of the categories being ‘Trip’, the site aims at presenting and arranging various trip options for its users. ‘Workshop’ being the second one in the listing, is another leisure activity available for the users of the site further containing various resources. The third aspect to the sites service is ‘Watching’ which caters to the audiences of movies, music, and different cultural events. The last category named ‘Hangout’ is committed to dispensing various services for hangout activities.

Robust Funding Being Pumped In

SelenaGo Indonesia

The commercial arena, SelenaGo Indonesia for leisure time seekers has made an announcement on obtaining an undisclosed amount of seed funding from one of the prominent members of the UMG Group. The investor, Idealab, located in Yangon, Myanmar made the investment with the view to furnishing the entrepreneurs with assets to build and develop their establishments.

The Road Map

The expansion of the project as well as entry into different market areas is the chief planner of the company with its prime focus on one of the principal tourist cities of Indonesia, Jogjakarta. Also, the company experienced a change in the name of the website by altering GoSelena and presenting the handle as SelenaGo Indonesia. Thus, the company is walking down the road of success and development by acting as a center for reference for the general users and the tourists and also playing the role of an event promoter for different users listed as sellers.

SelenaGo Indonesia

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Image Source- SelenaGo Indonesia Website.

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