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Kumoten is Southeast Asia’s largest drop shipping platform based in Malaysia with more than a million products in its inventory. According to Kumoten’s CEO and co-founder Issac Leong, e-commerce is growing swiftly in Southeast Asia and drop shipping harmonizes with this progress. If you are planning to start an online retail business and are worried about the risk of buying stock in massive amounts from manufacturers and delivery of orders with no hassle, then implementing drop shipping can resolve this problem and assist you in running your business smoothly like never before. According to the drop shipping business model, online retailers neither have to keep products in stock and maintain a proper catalog nor have to be concerned about the order fulfillment.

How Kumoten Works?

Basically, you select the products you require and sync marketplaces using Kumoten. Once a customer places an order at the retail price set by you, Kumoten sends their order and shipment details directly to the manufacturer or wholesaler so the order can be processed further. The automated drop shipping service provider pays you your profit and remits the remaining wholesale price to the wholesaler without taking any commission. Then, Kumoten delivers the item to the buyer. By outsourcing the product sourcing and stock keeping to Kumoten, you have to only focus on marketing the products.

Benefits Of Using Kumoten

Product Sourcing: Usually, e-commerce venture owners must make a colossal investment before starting their online business and buy products in bulk from the wholesalers. Managing their shipment and delivery requires a lot of time, resources and capital. Outsourcing the product sourcing to Kumoten will allow the retailers to sell products to the customers as required instead of buying a large number of items from the suppliers. Such a platform offers you the ease of importing product photos and details, changing prices and order tracking.

Automatic Fulfillment: Kumoten offers you the facility of automated order fulfillment in which the whole process of packaging, delivering and picking is the responsibility of the wholesaler and gives you access to a virtually unlimited inventory with an additional feature of product importing. The system automatically updates the inventory level of a product ensuring that out-of-stock products are immediately reflected on your online store.

Global Delivery: Kumoten collaborates with millions of online marketplaces around the globe and provides you with an edge over conventional e-commerce stores by enabling you to work closely with giant companies risk-free.

No minimum order: You don’t have to keep product stock in storage and your customers can order many products. Kumoten doesn’t have a minimum order quantity or order limit policy and will deliver even if it is one item.

Diversity in inventory: Having integrated its drop-shipping chain with innumerable large and small-scale brands and stores such as Lazada, Shopee, EasyStore, etc., Kumoten offers you an inventory with vast diversity in a wide range of quality products and hence increases your customers as they always for more options and varieties.

Recent Events In Kumoten

Late last year, this Malaysia-based startup raised a confidential pre-series A equity round led by Cradle Fund which was also joined by seed investor, Commerce. Asia which was Kumoten’s first venture capitalist. This revolutionary step will add to the existing impressive growth of Kumoten by helping it expand its product development and research team and for talent acquisition. The startup has also planned to launch local drop shipping operation sites in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand to attract more users from these areas.

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