Singapore Based AI Startup Quilt Raises US$ 9M In Series A


AI startup Quilt headquartered in Singapore has successfully raised US$9 million in Series A round from Nadathur group.

The fund will be used for the development of video recognition and classification engines, develop capacity for over 200 languages, and build training models on more than 100 billion images.

“We are using anthropologists, semioticians, and designers to work with engineers, data scientists, and mathematicians. This changes the internet into the largest reflection of the human world and allows us to understand people and culture at a scale never possible before,” said Quilt co-founder Angad Singh Chowdhry.

This fast-growing company founded in early 2018 is already serving hundreds of clients. Some of their reputed clients include Amazon, P & G, Accenture and Visa. It also serves lots of non-profit organizations like World Bank, Girl effect and CIFF among others. 

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analytics are hot cakes after finding application and process improvement capabilities in almost every industry. Companies are increasingly investing in these technologies and the innovative once like Quilt have had a very successful run by creating cutting-edge solutions using these technologies.

The Roadmap For Quilt - At A Glance

Company sources confirm that Mr. Rishad Tobaccowala who is one of the senior management members at French advertising and public relations firm Publicis Groupe will be joining the board of directors very soon. Publicis Groupe headquartered in France is one of the prominent advertising agencies in the world. Mr. Rishad has worked in various capacities as a leader, mentor, and orator and has around 36 years of experience. He has won several international awards and recognitions and will surely be an asset on the Quilt board of directors.

Some of the benefits customers derive out of AI tools that are designed and developed by quilt are listed below.

  • Indexes and clusters millions of human conversations
  • Anthropologists and semioticians use cultural frameworks to make meaning and find opportunities from AI-generated connections and insights
  • Explore gives users the ability to look across search, social, forums, blogs, image, and video to understand a brand or a category across multiple locations instantly. The company offers this as a custom-designed subscription platform
  • Export allows users to download reports, share charts, and collate information. The data is organized into four core experience areas: Brand, Culture, Customer, and Product

Firms that use AI tools developed by Quilt can increase their productivity, customer base, and understand the latest trends in branding and product promotion, understand the customer’s buying behavior, get marketing statistics, and much more.

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