Indonesia- Leveraging The Power Of AI And NLP Indonesia Indonesia is an innovative startup which leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to better understand the local Indonesian audience. This company was founded in 2018 after deep market analysis and research by its co-founders Dessi Puji Lestari and Dr. Ayu Purwarianti, who are experts in artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and Natural language processing along with IT veteran Teguh Eko Budiarto. The company now has around 16 Data Annotators, 20 Data Scientists for it’s NLP Speech products, services, and data that are sourced from academics, government, and IT sectors. The company offers the below cutting edge products and services specifically for the local market. Indonesia Indonesia - Going In The Right Direction

Indonesia has emerged as a technology and manufacturing hub and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing are helping to solve some of the most business-critical problems of the other industries thereby improving productivity and overall efficiency. is at the forefront of this technological revolution and its future looks bright. The company recently secured series A round funding from GDP Venture. GDP Venture had also participated in the seed funding round of The funding will be utilized to open new gateways of success for the company, and further improve its offerings. It gives them the much-needed backup to idealize their plan into action. Indonesia

The CEO of Indonesia,Teguh Eko Budiarto said that the company is planning to use the funding to improve it’s data and products especially their NLP Toolkit API, Prosa Hoax Intel, Concept-Sentiment, Text Data Sets, Chatbot NLP Processing, Voice Biometrics, Speech-to-Text, Speech Datasets, Text-to-Speech, Meeting Analytics, and Conversational Analytics for Bahasa Indonesia.

The company is definitely going in the right direction!

The Road Map - Looks Promising Indonesia

Recently, partnered with Indonesia’s Minister of  Communication and Informatics to launch a Chatbot named AntiHoaks which can be accessed using [at]chatbotantihoaks account. This chatbot can be a great way to check the credibility of any kind of news, links or articles that are shared by the people through the chatroom. This will also help in creating a robust user experience by providing users with high quality and trusted information. 

This is yet another startup success that can influence millions of other people through their journey in the path of success. It shows that if you have a strong vision and unique ideas, nobody can stop you from flourishing ahead.

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