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Oovy Singapore

Ovvy Singapore is a platform that connects clients and merchants across industries. This company eases out the process of getting things done around the house. The homeowners no more need to search the internet or go through numerous flyers for plumbing, painting, electrical, and other handyman services, Ovvy gives you all the information under one roof.

Ovvy app has been co-founded by Mia Gigandet, a Singaporean who has done mechanical engineering from Edinburg University. She did her internship with BMW but soon moved to finance industry as she decided not to pursue her career further in mechanical engineering, stocks and trading caught her eye. Ms. Gigandet has also created a fashion label emblem that offers women shoes. She decided to start a new shoe line with her business partner, Thomas Beattie but soon decided to scrap the project and they decided to work on a new project which led to the inception of Ovvy.

What Makes Ovvy Singapore Different?

Oovy Singapore

Ovvy Singapore is a service marketplace that aims to connect the consumers with merchants. The company since its launch in June 2018 has generated a revenue of more than USD 100,000. Unlike the other similar apps, that assigns a service provider automatically, Ovvy gives users the freedom to choose from an extensive list of service providers that are vetted by a review system on similar lines as Trip-Advisor. 

The app is integrated with Facebook, thus enabling users to browse reviews posted by family and friends. Therefore, giving freedom to consumers to decide who should come to their home for domestic services.

The Road To Success

Oovy Singapore

Ovvy Singapore presently offers domestic service in six categories- plumbing, air-con services, cleaning, moving, electrical, and handyman that includes hanging, assembling, and painting.

Since the app went live, it has been ranked among the top 50 out of the 200 most downloaded apps in Singapore. Besides that, Ovvy Singapore boasts an average of 3000 downloads per month. The app offers a decent value for money to consumers by giving them the freedom to compare unknown but equally skilled vendors. The app is free to download, however, there is a small transaction fee that is charged as commission.

The Way Forward

The company has recently announced that it has secured USD 435k seed funding from Rapzo Capital, which is an investment firm. Ovvy Singapore plans to use this funding to expand the company’s existing B2C solutions into the B2B domain. Besides that, it also plans to extend services the household domain into other services that are needed for everyday business use. 

Oovy Singapore

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Image Source –Ovvy Singapore Official Website, pixabay.com

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