Otomo Indonesia - A Technology Driven Automobile Rental Startup

Otomo Indonesia

Otomo Indonesia is a technology-driven automobile rental startup founded by Charles Lin in 2018. "Otomo" is the simplification of "Automobile." It is an automobile and driver rental startup which makes the process of finding transportation easier and convenient for the customers. Originally based in Singapore, the company's headquarters was later shifted to Indonesia. This automotive marketplace helps tourists hire their desired mode of transport at a reasonable cost. Apart from providing the basic sedans, hatchbacks, bikes, and SUVs, the company also has a collection of luxury cars like Lamborghini for comfy rides. And not just cars, if you loosen your purse strings a little, you can even book private yachts or private jets. The company caters to a diverse clientele and provides its clients with a seamless experience.

Local and foreign travelers can also hire drivers through the Otomo Indonesia platform. The driver partners are trusted and qualified to cater to the client's requirements in the most professional way and ensure absolute customer satisfaction. The startup not only guarantees hassle-free rides to its clients but also provides employment to localities and regional dealers.

Otomo Indonesia

Funding - All Sorted!

Otomo Indonesia closed its seed funding round securing USD 145,000 with big plans for the future rounds. The investors include Prestige Corp Indonesia and a Singapore based startup company Cars and Trips. Reportedly, a large contribution was made by an unknown investor who chooses to remain anonymous in the process. With this round coming to an end, the company plans to receive additional grants through another funding round.

Founder Charles Lin expressed his gratitude and spoke with high hopes of Otomo Indonesia reaching new heights in the future by streamlining the transportation rental market in Indonesia. He was quoted saying that some more Indonesian and Singaporean companies have shown their interest and may fund around USD 300,000. With these funds, Otomo Indonesia aims to polish its employee's skill set, work on their vocational training, and launch a new mobile application for expanding its user base. Ambitious plans to promote the brand and collaborate with more local vendors are in full swing. After ending the funding round, the company brought in action its first market strategy of rebranding its name to Otomo from Automo. The new mobile app, with the latest upgrades, is also in line to be launched in the upcoming months.

Otomo Indonesia - Doing All The Right Things To Succeed!

The first step it took to realize its dream of global expansion is the modification of its name from Automo to Otomo. Purpose of rebranding its name to Otomo is to make transportation leisurely and simple, just like its name. With these ambitions, the company promises to meet their customer's expectations and aims to become a leading name in the automobile rental industry.

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Image Source - Official Website, pixabay.com

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