Monitor Your Health effectively – An AI-powered solution By iCarbonX

With the changing environment, people have become more conscious about monitoring their health. However, the roadmap to monitor personal health has never been clear. We don’t know what may prolong our health, how our personal choices can affect our future, or how illness can manifest in our body. But not anymore!

iCarbonX is set to revolutionize personal healthcare

A Chinese entrepreneur Dr. Jun Wang has made a digital roadmap to track personal health data and also suggest ways to improve them. iCarbonX founded in 2015 uses an AI-based platform that provides biological, psychological, behavioral healthcare big data solutions. The company focuses on delivering real results for real people. The company has raised investments worth more than $600 million.

Dr. Jun Wang - Founder And CEO

A personal guide to your health

This company has built many health monitoring products. The focus is to capture more and more data about your body. One of their first digital health platforms, Meum, helps people to easily create a digital profile of themselves so they can recognize and monitor their present health status. It can also help them in predicting trends and improving their future.

This platform gives people an access to various nutrition, skin care, and fitness applications. iCarbonX’s FitForce is for fitness enthusiasts that provide genetic questionnaires and tests. Besides that, one can find customizable workouts, forecasts, fitness data tracking, and much more.

Similarly, their apps such as MeumSpring and Precision nutrition can provide personalized health tracking. MeumSpring, designed for people who wish to improve their skin, provides personalized product recommendations based on the results of tests offered by the app to analyze the characteristics of an individual’s skin.

The Precision nutrition offers a personal dietary guide. It gives a dietary assessment, recordings, and consultation services apart from personalized nutritional packages.

Health management and regular tracking

The iCarbonX application provides a platform that can help an individual to monitor, record, and manage their health status. Users can record voice memos or pictures of what they have eaten, and the app will automatically analyze what has been the nutritional intake and provide proactive advice.

Immune-omic profile technology

iCarbonX is the only company that can measure the adaptive immune response on a scale. Their cost-effective method captures the digital complexity of humoral immune signatures, post-traditional modifications, surface epitopes, and nucleic acids, and provides a better insight into the nature and presence of specific diseases.

Direct-to-patient platform

Their DigitalMe platform, as of now only in the United States, enable people living with chronic conditions to record and share longitudinal data about their symptoms, mood, and response to the treatment. By adding genetics and biological data to the patient’s profile, actionable information is provided to improve their health status.

The main aim of the company is to bring in best in class capabilities for health monitoring, get in touch with them today.

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