Mobilkamu – Changing The Face Of Indonesian Auto Market

Headquartered in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Mobilkamu is an online startup based in Indonesia for purchasing new cars. The company was founded in 2015 by co-founders Caue Motta from Brazil, Kalen Iselt from Australia and Wilton Halim from Indonesia.

Purpose Of Mobilkamu

Car-purchasing has always been a daunting task for the customers in Indonesia as the only medium of purchasing a new car from the market was to physically interact with the car dealers on a daily basis until they found their dream car based on their preferences. Furthermore, owing to the dearth of provisions, customers had to manually compare various car deals to ensure that they crack the best one. To add to their grief, the funding options were also limited which restricted them from purchasing their favorite car.

Bearing in mind all the hassles faced by the customers, Co-founder and CEO Wilton Halim stated that the need for establishing Mobilkamu was to design a systematic, productive and honest platform for customers in Indonesia which will help in changing the face of new car financing and trading.

A  Sigh of Relief To The Car Buyers

 Since the launch of Mobilkamu, potential car buyers are offered with just process and funding options and that too without any difficulties of conducting any research or comparisons from various car dealers. With the support of proprietary technology, the startup is providing its customers with a smooth and consistent experience where they are no longer visiting several dealers.

This has eased the buying process between customers, finance companies and dealers, which have led to affordable prices of cars and is giving rise to the growth of the Indonesian auto market.

The Road Map

With a 70 member’s staff, the company has branches in Ciputat and Bekasi. Mobilkamu claims that their sales are growing rapidly where every month, they have delivered 150 cars from several companies. Additionally, they have developed associations with more than 80 car dealers with multiple financial partners and across Greater Jakarta.

Mobilkamu recently received an undisclosed amount of Series A funding co-led by East Ventures and Genesia Ventures. The company had also received an undisclosed seed fund back in November 2017. With this new funding, Mobilkamu aims at developing and improving their products and technologies coupled with broadening their reach in the local market and introduction of new branches across different cities in Indonesia. Furthermore, Mobilkamu has another platform for selling motorcycles called Motor Kamu.

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