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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) startups are a booming industry as it offers a huge potential to small to large companies. The boom has been seen globally in the SaaS ecosystem and it continues to grow. Adaptive and innovative SaaS solutions are pervading every sector. A Vietnamese SaaS startup, Base has made a mark for itself. The company has developed over 20 apps that cover two verticals- productivity and human resources.

The company has recently raised funding of US$1.3 million; it was led by Alpha JWC Ventures and Beenext. Base plans to use this new funding to support its expansion plans. They are looking forward to acquiring new talent for product development and build a strong platform for strategic expansion in South East Asia in 2019.

The apps developed by Base include task and project management platform-Base Wework, job application tracking system Base-E-Hiring, and internal request management platform-Base Request. The Base platform ensures that each application can work independently and is also able to communicate freely via internal APIs with each other. Some users of Base Platform are McDonald’s, VIB Bank, MK Group, VP Bank, VinCommerce, and The Coffee House.

Base Offers A Unified And Unique System

The company offers a platform that allows the users to integrate all applications developed by Base or by partners of Base or yourself, thus helping everyone to network effectively. It allows you to enhance the competitiveness of business on all fronts by using advanced technology tools.

Base offers an open platform that enables companies to quickly access and apply advanced technology products from leading technology companies. Due to this, hundreds of businesses are using the Base-based applications and Base platform for their day-to-day operations.

Use The Most Modern Technologies For Your Business With Base

Base believes in building an open and smart platform where all the best applications are available for businesses across Asia. The company focuses on being ‘ready’ to go with every development of your business thus enabling it to thrive.

With Industrial revolution 4.0, Base believes in bringing the most modern and smartest technology products based on the three most important components, artificial intelligence & data, background, and interaction.  

With Base, there is no limit to imagination, it is an open platform and whatever may be the business requirement i.e. whether there is an existing application or need a new one; Base can help in integrating all into a common platform.

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