Livehealth’s Novel Mobile Solution Changing the Indian Healthcare Space

Livehealthan Indian startup based in Pune, by two engineering students who sought to bridge, what they saw as a gap in coordination between healthcare providers and consumers. Their vision was to develop one healthcare platform for all stakeholders that could provide a seamless real-time interface using cloud-based mobile technology. The result was the birth of Livehealth in 2013, which has become one of the top ten healthcare based companies in the country in the last five years with an annual turnover of $2 million.

Livehealth’s innovative cloud-based end-to-end healthcare ecosystem is built around providing top quality customer experience. The medical reports generated in a pathology lab are delivered instantly and directly to the patients and doctors on their mobile phones. The process of digitization and automation helps reduce costs and saves time as it streamlines the laboratory processes and eliminates errors. Patients and their doctors can see the diagnostic reports in real time eliminating the need for physical copies of test results while maintaining a patient’s records on one platform.

The Livehealth healthcare ecosystem promises digital, seamless, and quantified healthcare experience to clients through coordination between pathology labs, patients and doctors by maintaining and updating patient’s medical records and test results in real-time on one interface. They use cloud based lab management solution, online reporting and laboratory information management software to provide these services. They have developed hospital management software with the aim to digitize all processes, from front desk management, automating medical records, instant availability of reports, mobile app based payment gateways to delivery and printing of medical reports directly to their mobile app.

The company aims to automate and digitize the healthcare industry with the aim to provide an end-to-end user experience in real time to all involved parties. Livehealth is devoted to developing solutions to make the healthcare ecosystem more efficient, transparent and customer friendly.

Digitization and Automation of Pathology laboratories

The ingenuity of the venture lies in digitizing and automating the laboratory process so the reports generated by lab instruments get directly uploaded along with predictive analysis providing automated healthcare diagnostics. Livehealth offers automation benefits to Pathology labs to improve their operations and turnaround time and reduces leakages by providing the ability to monitor and streamline laboratory processes through an integrated mobile interface.

Their team helps a laboratory by setting up a system where data generated by the instruments are automatically and directly provided on a single coordinated platform. This eliminates the need for multiple physical copies and verifications required otherwise. The laboratory information software even tells which patients require what tests, streamlining the whole process. These features help reduce the TAT with some labs reporting up to 33% reduction and also help meet patient experiences standards by keeping all their medical records at one place. The process justifies Livehealth’s mission to make healthcare digital, seamless and quantified.

Generating millions of intelligent reports

The company has seen tremendous growth over the years with over 1200 healthcare clients and caters to over 10,000 patients each day with over 50,000 doctors benefiting from their cloud-based mobile application. Livehealth’s information management system helps the pathology laboratories become more efficient and smarter in processing diagnostic reports through their automation solutions which has enabled them to generate over 1.5 million ‘intelligent’ reports monthly which, the founders claim, is a revolutionary step in the healthcare industry. The solution helps create intelligent medical reports instead of the limited single dimensional traditional ones. This creates a big data pool that will help diagnostics become smarter and more intelligent leading to better healthcare delivery.

Digitization also helps laboratories share and coordinate medical reports with other diagnostic centers that will lead to more efficient and updated research and development by healthcare providers. In addition, the intelligent reports help patients to identify lifestyle diseases removing their dependence on Doctors to decode their test results. Smart analysis and optimization of the reports is a huge step forward in healthcare delivery which Livehealth is actively encouraging and is probably the reason for their success.

Livehealth going Global

The company which began as a small startup has been expanding fast with centers and client base spread across India and is all set to leave global footprints. During their initial phase, Livehealth had to struggle to convince healthcare providers of the feasibility and practicality of their initiative. They initially raised angel funding from Mplier healthcare ventures in 2015 that got them $ 300.000. However, in March 2018, Livehealth received an investment worth $ 1.1 million through Nexus venture partners that has helped them establish their presence in the estimated billion dollars’ worth Indian healthcare market. Abhimanyu Bhosale, Livehealth’s CEO and one of the two co-founders, sees this as an opportunity to invest in more sophisticated product development to help digitize and automate the healthcare industry and also to take the company’s initiatives into the global healthcare market.

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