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From assisting you in finding the right workspace for your meetings and work purposes to filtering out some of the best locations that will give your business events a scintilla of magnificence, FlySpaces has come a long way since its launch in 2015. This startup based in Manilla, Philippines claims to be Southeast Asia’s leading flexible workspaces booking platform with a very user-friendly website and a team which believes that workspace is not just a mere location. Some of FlySpaces’ clients include Uber, Heineken, Nestle, and Unilever.

As said by FlySpaces Founder and CEO, Mario Berta, its customers are small businesses and multinational companies, rather than startups. The FlySpaces website offers the opportunity to rent space from periods ranging from an hour to a year. There’s also an option for venue owners to list their spaces on this website so they get access to a vast community of clients interested in leasing co-working space.

Largest Inventory Of Event Spaces

The FlySpaces provides with the largest inventory of 2500+ spaces spread over 10 cities in 6 countries: Singapore, Philippines, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia to choose from based on your purpose which can be found in the Categories dropdown list on the webpage for each city.  These categories include event spaces, training rooms, corporate dining halls, virtual offices, conference rooms, and private offices.

In a short span of 5 years, FlySpaces’ growth as a startup has accelerated to a great extent as it has analyzed the proliferating demand for serviced offices across Southeast Asia and empowered thousands of venue owners. It continues to establish a link between potential serviced office clients and venue managers.

Escalating Popularity Of Flexible Workspaces

The demand for flexible short-term co-working spaces has increased in the Philippines market as compared to the conventional offices as the former has an edge over the latter. As the term “serviced” suggests, these virtual offices come with several facilities and the tenants do not have to worry about unnecessary details from reception to repair. The bill which gets displayed once a tenant fills all the required fields on the search page includes all the expenses. There’s pliability of leasing the workspace for any period of time rather a few years which adds to all this. These additional distinctive features have triggered the rise in several companies finding a space on rent via such websites.

The search for unique co-working space solutions doesn’t seem confined to entrepreneurs and freelancers but has engrossed MNCs and small-to-medium enterprises. FlySpaces takes care of providing its clients with all the essential uninterrupted services along with a lavish workspace so they can focus on their work completely. This pulls more companies towards the platform.

Acquisition Of Similar Startups

In November 2016, FlySpaces acquired 8spaces, a marketplace for boutique spaces for work-related activities based in Kuala Lumpur. CEO Mario Berta believed this collaboration would strengthen its leadership position in Southeast Asia and executive team and expand its market in Malaysia.

With the onset of 2019, this Manilla-based startup purchased its Hong Kong-based rival, Quikspaces adding another acquisition to its name. This acquisition intends to broaden the network of clients of FlySpaces in Hong Kong which will result from a blend of FlySpaces’ large-scale operations and technology and Quikspaces’ market dominance.

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