Indonesian Startup Triplogic- Making Deliveries Faster

Indonesian Startup Triplogic

Indonesian Startup Triplogic is specialized in proving an end to end last mile delivery services on a 24-hour basis. It's an e-commerce domain company that offers logistics, travel and microloan services for people involved in micro or medium scale MSME.  The company is currently located in central Jakarta and is founded in the year 2016 by Oki Earlivan, Rowdy Fatha, and Krisna Adiarini.

Best Service Of Indonesian Startup Triplogic

The company is one of the fastest demands satisfying start-up in Indonesia under the logistics category. Currently, the Indonesian Startup Triplogicholds its presence in 62 major locations of Indonesia. The company has grown to have a strong backbone of logistics and track record, which is why it has strong customer satisfaction. The company has come up with a minimum service level agreement (SLA) to give the best of experience to its customers.

Indonesian Startup Triplogic

Triplogic’s main aim is to build a platform for providing fast, cost-effective transfer of your goods. They wish to be superlative in business by using leading logistic technologies to provide fastest, easiest and hassle-free logistic methods to their beloved customers. Along with this, the Indonesian Startup Triplogic offers services for packaging, sending and receiving at very affordable costs and eminent satisfaction.

The company manages instant delivery by engaging to set up a quick drop in points in SME’s and local shops. The local shops are imbibed with smart lockers and drop boxes to keep the transfer articles safe. The company strongly believes that with the right technology effective and many efficient solutions can be obtained while serving customers. One main mission of the company is to provide quick and reliable logistics services to end destinations. Indonesian Startup Triplogic allows its customers to choose when and where the package needs to be picked up, sent and received.

Indonesian Startup Triplogic

The Road Map

Recently triplogic has been funded with an undisclosed amount in seed funding by east ventures. With the funding obtained, the company wants to rise to be a firm, strong supply chain ecosystem. The company is planning to expand 15000 more drop points to make customer-friendly services. The Indonesian Startup Triplogic also plans to utilize the funding to invest in the enhancement of product and technological utilities along with logistic utilities. The company also plans its expansion on SME’s and drop points vastly.

Indonesian Startup Triplogic

Fitting the right puzzles, the company is focussed on expanding and providing the best of its services to its customers.

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Image Source- Indonesian Startup Triplogic Official Website.


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