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Iflix Malaysia

Iflix Malaysia is the new Netflix for the evolving market. Iflix is a video-on-demand platform that is targeted to make a larger audience globally for a large segment of the market. The platform is two-year-old targeting most of the developing countries. Currently, the Video on demand service is offered in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Iflix was founded by Patrick Groove-CEO of the Catcha group, Mark Britt along with evolution media company.

Iflix Malaysia – What Runs In Their Veins?

Both the founders wish to revolutionize the way internet TV is. They want to make a place where there is no pirated content or unauthorized torrent downloads; rather, they are focusing on how to revolutionize the way in which videos and media are watched. They strongly feel that Netflix is never their rival but pirated content and unauthorized media and download it, which is why they started Iflix Malaysia.

Iflix Malaysia

With an erratic internet speed, Iflix has made it a point to make the content downloadable.  It was the first platform to make videos of the downloading format, so whoever wishes to watch has first to download the content and then stream.

How is Iflix Malaysia Different From Netflix?

Iflix makes sure to obtain approval for government regulators and censorship before releasing in a country, for every episode of every series. However, it also plans on launching its own Iflix only Tv series and shows just like Netflix too.

Iflix Malaysia

Founded in 2014, the Iflix is available in around 22 countries across the middle east, Asia and North Africa. The platform has more than 25 million subscribers around the world. Increasingly grabbing the attention of subscribers around the world, the company is planning to extend its viewership beyond the current location. In the eastern part of Asia, the company has several rivals like HOOQ, Viu, Singtel’s Sony, and many others. However, it is estimated that Iflix will soon start dominating the East Asian market too.

The company has procured USD180 million funding from leading investors. The major investors for Iflix Malaysia are Kuwait’s Zain Group, Evolution Media Capital, Catcha, and Europe’s Sky TV.

The Road Map

Iflix Malaysia

The company is location specific about the content that is available for a location. Iflix plans more of specific language content for location-specific viewers. However, as of now, Iflix Malaysia rules the Indonesian market and continue to win the hearts of subscribers with the best of shows online.

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