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HOMI SmartHome Singapore

Automation has proved to be a boon for mankind. Its evolution has revolutionized the way the world thinks when it comes to doing things efficiently and smartly. Having several benefits like improved throughput and productivity, automation serves the purposes of various industries and homes. 

Advancement in technology has instilled more lethargy in humans and this triggered the desire for automated or workplaces and homes. Smart homes and smart offices are what people are looking for these days owing to the need for making lives technology-driven and easy. Singapore-based startup HOMI SmartHome is the first of its kind in Asia, which offers smart home managed services to enhance customer experience by allowing them to choose from the finest smart home technology products. Founded in 2016 by CEO Amar Dhillon, this startup has a team of talented installation and support experts who will get your smart home ready for you with sheer ease.  HOMI SmartHome recently raised a seed funding of US$1.3M from its Singapore-based investors SeedPlusAngelCentral, and Xoogler Angels.

HOMI SmartHome

HOMI SmartHome - Delivering Smart Homes

HOMI has an app which lets one customize his home with various devices enlisted in the app. Customers get to make selections from a wide range of products which consist of cutting edge technology and will give your home the feels of a smart home. These devices include light switches, smart locks, cameras, smart AC modules and motion sensors, to name a few. In addition to that, one can also control home theatres and speakers using Google Home or HOMI’s Entertainment Module.

How This Technology Works?

The technology around which these smart home devices revolved is IoT or Internet of Things which basically lets you access any device in your home from anywhere in the world provided you have a good Internet connection and the devices at your home are automated beforehand. This evolving technology connects your home appliances to the cloud and allows you to remotely control them. With just a click on a single app, you could operate all the devices at your home efficiently and even unlock your door. Turning on an air conditioner or switching off lights (in case you have forgotten) will now become very easy with the help of the HOMI app, resulting in saving money and power.

Installation And Support Services

Most smart home service companies don’t address the pain points of customers which is the installation of these high-end quirky devices. The purpose behind HOMI SmartHome being found was to launch smart home products that could be easily installed by certified electricians in a few hours. HOMI delivers smart homes at affordable payment plans and saves money for customers by cutting out systems integrators, retailers and distributors from their way.

HOMI SmartHome is planning to deliver smart homes in Southeast Asia by launching a set of products exclusively designed for Asian homes at such payment plans that will make it economical for most people in the Asian market and give them a wholly different experience.

Keep an eye on this innovative startup and more such startups.

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