Gojek Launches Video Streaming Service GoPlay in Indonesia

Gojek GoPlay

Indonesian ride-hailing giant Gojek has launched GoPlay, an on-demand video streaming service for consumers in Indonesia, giving them access to local content, according to a statement.

GoPlay will collaborate with top Indonesian filmmakers to produce new and exclusive content known as GoPlay Originals. Gojek said the platform will feature hundreds of exclusive films and television shows that millions of mobile phones users in Indonesia will gain access to.

Specifically, the ride-hailing firm said GoPlay will partner with Indonesian production houses such as Wahana Kreator, Kalyna Shira Films, and BASE Entertainment.

“GoPlay provides an avenue for local filmmakers to showcase their work and widen their audience base,” Gojek said.

The GoPlay Originals lineup include Saiyo Sakato, Tunnel, and a local adaptation of the Gossip Girl series.

GoPlay, however, does not come for free to users. It is available through basic plan, which is at IDR89,000 (US$6.3) per month, and bundle plan, which is IDR99,000 (US$7) per month.

Basic plan gives users unlimited access to the platform’s content library while the other plan gives users additional GoFood delivery vouchers worth IDR600,000 (US$42.3).

Gojek co-founder Kevin Aluwi said the platform seeks to bridge Indonesia’s growing entertainment industry to the millions of mobile audiences. Indonesia’s internet and smartphone penetration, he added, is rising rapidly.

Viewership of Indonesian films has also risen to 46 million in 2018 from 36 million two years ago, highlighting consumer enthusiasm for local content.

“We hope to continue empowering homegrown talent with greater growth opportunities while creating better experiences for consumers across the country,” Aluwi said.

GoPlay CEO Edy Sulistyo said the platform is Gojek’s way of addressing Indonesian consumers’ limited access to local content even with the growing number of mobile audiences in the country.

“We aim to enable all Indonesian consumers to enjoy high-quality on-demand entertainment at their convenience,” Sulistyo said.

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