Globis Infotech’s XELF Platform Attracts E-learning Firms at Edutech Asia 2019

XELF by Globis Infotech

Korea’s Globis Infotech Inc said its HTML5 technology-based content authoring platform XELF has generated strong attention from many e-learning companies during the Edutech Asia 2019 in Singapore.

The company said these e-learning companies were particularly interested in using the authoring platform for content distribution because it is easy to use without the need to install separate applications or programs.

XELF enables uses to create and share content on the web using HTML5-based technology. It is a cloud service that enables users to connect from anywhere, anytime to edit contents easily without having to install separate programs.

“Easily create content in a simple drag and drop way in your browser without installing complex programs. Anyone can easily create documents, content, and presentations without any special knowledge of HTML language,” Globis Infotech said on its website.

E-learning firm’s interest in self is explainable considering that the platform allows users to create documents, contents, and presentations that can be saved in the cloud, meaning these can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Globis Infotech’s participation in Edutech Asia, the biggest edutech exhibition in Asia held in Singapore, further introduced the XELF platform to the global audience. The conference is where companies eyeing to enter the global market introduce their products.

Globis Infotech CEO Ahn Tae-Hwan said XELF has a competitive edge with interactive HTML5 games, education, and children’s content. XELF is expected to make breakthroughs in the contents market, Hwan said.

HTML5 technology got global attention when Adobe announced that it will discontinue providing support for Flash technology by 2020. HTML5 has been considered as a possible replacement by many.

The global edutech market is forecast to reach $341 billion by 2025, according to a report by HolonIQ. The firm said the speed of digitisation in education will overtake healthcare due to the build-up in capability over the past 10 years.

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