Eggroy, a Korea-made Animation, Hits 1 Million Views in 14 Days, Eyes 100 Countries


Eggroy, the Korea-made animation that features cute egg characters, is becoming more popular, gaining one million views in just two weeks, according to its creator P&E Studio.

Featuring Eggroy and his friends Joey, Mimi, and Cha Cha, the Korean animation proves to have attracted not only local followers as it gathers much attention also globally through Eggroy Channel, which features episodic videos.

To meet the demand of the Eggroy channel's global audience, P&E Studio said it plans to complete and release at least 130 episodes by February 2020.

Eggroy’s storyline is simple and follows the usual protagonist-antagonist theme. According to its creator, Eggroy is a character that lives, together with his friends, on an island populated by, you guess it, eggs!

The peaceful island, however, turns into a tense place when a cook, named Khan, suddenly appears. Khan is not just an ordinary cook, he specializes in eggs. In each episode, Eggroy and his cute friends look for ways to top the tyranny of Khan.

While Eggroy has been spreading happiness, it was not a smooth ride for P&E Studio, which created the animated characters 13 years ago and continued to run the series even without outside investment.

A proof that the animation has become globally popular occurred in 2017 when P&E Studio signed two video distribution contracts in Vietnam and China. At present, the animation is being viewed by kids and adults alike via ZingTV in Vietnam and in 24 channels in China.

Additionally, the animation studio said it will export the animation to the US, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Taiwan, and India and will also ship to Macao, Brazil, and Thailand when current discussions will result in distribution agreements.

The studio aims to enter 100 countries within the next few years and make Eggroy the beloved character for the next century. The company also profits from selling stuffed toys based on the Eggroy animation.

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