Dunzo- For Quicker Work In Lesser Time

Dunzo is all about empowering people to change the ways in which things are moved. After its start, it has made life all the easier. Dunzo is an application that lets you choose and connect to the nearest delivery service which can partner in purchasing the items you want to be it from stores or restaurants and deliver it to you.

What Does Dunzo Ensure?

With the busy world and faster working paces, people hardly get time to relax and do shopping. To cater to such peoples sole needs, Dunzo a local individual task management platform. Currently Dunzo works for five cities of Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. The start-up delivers products from stores based on the customers’ needs some if which include couriers, food, groceries, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, gifts, medicines etc. They manage their demands and supplied by 350+ merchants in all the five cities.

The company maintained a very good profile by ensuring the quickest possible service to the purchaser ranking higher in customer satisfaction. The start-up became instantly famous when Google decided to fund it. Google invested a massive $12.3 million dollars making Dunzo the first company in India that Google invested with.

How Did It Start?

Initially, the interface was using WhatsApp as a medium of communication between the customer and the people who assigned tasks. Later on, a genuine working app was set up to accommodate all the needs of customers. There are no minimum order values for the ordered items. Dunzo doesn’t restrict the items available at its service and provides many services as per requirements.

The founders Ankur Agarwal, Mukundh Jha, Kabeer Biswas, and Dalvir Suri aim at reducing the chafing, cost and time in doing a task as well as reaching distances than any other popular online service doesn’t provide service to. To enhance automatic and faster transactions to a customer, Dunzo has various product tie-ups. This lets customers choose whatever they want in customized menus available. Just like any other online food merchandise, Dunzo has tried to interface orders to the merchandises directly and helps them to get items ready to save time.

The Road Map

Dunzo promises a quicker service with a guarantee to deliver things within 60 minutes. It assures to make convenient and comfortable with the tap of a finger. The services offered by Dunzo are 24/7 aiding deliveries anytime and anywhere.

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