Dahmakan- Malasiya’s Leading Cloud-Kitchen Startup


Dahmakan a food-tech startup in Southeast Asia brings an organized approach to food delivery. The company offers chef-made meals at a price lesser than restaurants at just click of a button.

Dahmakan is the brainchild of former employees of Foodpanda- Jonathan Weins, Jessica Li, and Christian Edelmann. The basic premise of dahmakan is to cut out the middleman from food delivery and pass the value back to the consumers. Dahmakan uses AI in logistics and cooking automation to make food delivery affordable to millions of office workers in Southeast Asia.


Dahmakan, The Experience Of Home-Cooked Food At Your Doorstep

Unlike other food delivery platforms such as UberEats, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda, which act as a middleman who pickup food from stalls and restaurants and delivers to customers; dahmakan delivers food that has been prepared by in-house chefs in a centralized kitchen.

According to CEO and co-founder Jonathan Weis, the company doesn’t aim at creating a new marketplace, rather it wants to take control of the entire value chain including logistics and food production to build more efficient food delivery service.


The company sources high-quality fresh ingredients from their local suppliers. The customers can order food via an app or through their easy to navigate website. Dahmakan boasts of having culinary wizards on board who will keep your taste buds ticking for more. The delivery of ready to eat meals is free of charge.

Dahmakan- Doing All The Right Things To Succeed!

Since its inception dahmakan has seen significant growth and presently makes thousands of deliveries per month in Kuala Lumpur. The food ordering system is centralized and the meals are produced in one kitchen so as to keep the focus on prompt delivery.

The company’s business model uses predictive analytics that includes machine learning to forecast in-food product development and sales. Their AI-powered operating systems and proprietary algorithms automate 80% of workflow in both delivery and food production.


Dahmakan had also launched some low-priced dishes in 2018. According to the company sources, 200 plus corporate partners in Kuala Lumpur have adopted this brand.

The Road Ahead

Dahmakan is being backed by some of the leading tech investors from Silicon Valley and Y Combinator. The company has recently announced the funding of over USD 5 million in Series A round with new and existing global investors that includes China’s UpHonest Capital and Silicon Valley’s Partech Partners.

Besides that, former CEO of Nestle, UK-based Atami Capital and Y Combinator also joined the round raising the total funding amount to almost USD 10 million. The company plans to use this funding to drive growth in existing and new markets, launching new distribution channels, and expanding their delivery coverage.

To know more about how Dahmakan works, get in touch with the team today!

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Image Source –Dahmakan Malaysia Official Website, pixabay.com

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