UNDP's Global Innovation Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture


In 2050 the world will need to sustain some nine billion people, requiring an increase in food production by about 70%. At the same time, climate change further strains our ever-depleting natural resources, increasing the vulnerability of the highly resource-dependent agricultural sector. The sustainability of global food production will depend on our ability to innovate and become much more climate-resilient.

Much of the global production of food relies on smallholder farmers who often lack access to adequate and affordable production technology, timely and accurate information that helps them manage their farm, insurance products that mitigate risk as well as sources of finance to invest in their business. These are some of many tech and innovation entry points which in 2018 alone attracted venture capital investments to the tune of USD 16.9 billion globally to AgriFood Tech startups, a 43% year-over-year increase.

Getting innovators, investors and corporates focused on the most pressing challenges in agriculture, generating inclusive livelihoods across the agri-food value-chain and adopting sustainable practices present a tremendous opportunity that you should not miss out on.

Cultiv@te brings together a coalition of partners and stakeholders that want to bring technology and innovation where it is most needed, combining globally-leading innovation with local knowledge, expertise and market insights.

The UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development is anchoring the initiative with the Government of Singapore and will be working with 13 "solution clients" around the world (incl. the Singapore Food Agency) on their respective challenges and opportunities for technology and innovation to make an impact.

The three themes that Cultiv@te program participants will be addressing are:

Each thematic cohort will have mature growth stage start-ups and R&D teams (from academic institutions or think tanks) sourced globally through a call for applications as well as the brightest tech innovators and key stakeholders from each participating country.

Are you part of a growth-stage startup or R&D team that has a technology or innovation which could make in agriculture more sustainable? Are you driven by impact and purpose? Then please check out the challenge statements and apply to participate!

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