Be The Cheerleader For Your Workers And Customers - It Defines The Culture Of Your Startup


Your team members and employees are the ones who will turn your dream venture into a reality. All that thought and time put into hiring them was primarily because you entrusted them with a certain job and because you put your faith in them to get the job done. 

It is important to remember however, that human resources are the biggest asset for your company and that an environment needs to be created where they feel included and participative in your dream. They need to work with you and not for you. 

Appreciation and encouragement are the top priorities and a sure shot and low-risk way to ensure that your workforce is happy, engaged and motivated enough to work for the organization. 

Your customer pool too needs to be cheered on and appreciated for making your product a success. No venture can taste success without the support and trust of its audience. 

Cheerleading - Why cheer employees? 

In a volatile and competitive startup industry, the risk of losing out on the business and its assets is extremely common. Loyalty in these situations becomes of paramount importance. A company in most cases loses its hold in the market due to the dissatisfaction of employees and buyers alike. Showing them that you value them and their loyalty through appreciation and incentives will go a long way in building up goodwill. 

Helps customers and employees embrace the firm

Apart from loyalty and faith, cheerleading your manpower and the customer base will earn your business the preference factor you are looking for in the industry. As your customers accept your product and give it preference over your competitors, you can provide incentives to them to bring in more customers in the form of special offers and discounts for referrals. This kind of indirect marketing will help keep your customer pool and automatically bring in newer buyers too. 

Employees too need to be provided the best possible work experience in the office. The employment industry is a competitive one and dissatisfaction or an unpleasant work environment will result in the skilled and talented workforce exiting your firm. 

Positive reinforcement goes a long way

Customer satisfaction does not end at providing superior products, after-sales service or general customer care. It also means showing appreciation in tangible terms. Offering customers loyalty points for their purchases and wavering delivery charge for regular buyers will help in retaining the customer pool and bringing in new ones.

 The aviation and hospitality industry has been offering frequent flyer miles and business class upgrades for quite some time now, making it the perfect way to retain the customers they've built on. 

Taxi app giants OLA and UBER, have been using promo code offers for quite some time now,  which has led to a threefold increase in their market hold by cheering on the customers for each usage of the service.

The essence behind these tactics is to appreciate and involve the customers so that they are happy with what you have to offer and also come back for more. This type of positive reinforcement encourages buyers to create a product preference and stick to it.

A cheerleading approach for the employees of the new venture will also pay off by ensuring staff loyalty and also getting the best efforts out of them when needed the most.

Positive reinforcement for team members will work wonders for both the team led and individual performance to obtain maximum efficiency.

 Every day doesn't have to be a party at the office to spread cheer. Small surprises, gifts, bonuses, rewards, and recognition can prove to be quite effective in bringing about that lift in the general workplace mood. 

Encouragement for the staff does not have to be an expensive affair that would eat into your cash reserves. Even the tiniest of gestures and kind words can give the whole team uplift and get them going to do their very best willingly. Employee of the month awards, monetary benefits, birthday/anniversary celebrations, and other tiny tokens of appreciation can boost the morale of your hard-working team. 

Team building activities have picked up on popularity in recent times. Apart from the obvious fun that comes out of it, these activities are specifically designed to improve team dynamics and release pent up stress and pressure. Activities such as paintball or team sports like football will encourage healthy competitiveness and bonding in the workplace and ensure that they come to work the next day refreshed, happy, and raring to face the new challenges.

It would only be fair to say that cheerleading is a small and simple investment which will promote customer satisfaction and also promote job satisfaction among team members in your new business.

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