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Featured — 28 Oct 2023

According to iLife* founder Nelson Lee, roughly $200 billion in premiums are signed annually in the U.S. insurance industry — in terms of life insurance premiums, 95% are sold by insurance agents and brokers, showing how critical these frontline workers are to this mammoth industry. After interviewing 200 such salespeople, Nelson had another interesting finding: […]

Founders’ interviews — 13 Oct 2023
by Gauri

The global events and meetings industry is a powerhouse, driving billions of dollars in economic activity with countless business opportunities. The dynamic tech landscape is continually reshaping the way we approach business events. Founded by Younghak Ahn, EVENTUS is not just another startup; it’s a tech force rewriting the script for business events, and its […]

Featured — 4 Oct 2023

The search market is changing. When you type in a single word, you get a huge amount of data in various forms, such as dictionary definitions, videos, and blogs. Today, however, services that simplify search results and provide customized information that users actually want are growing rapidly. Even in Korea, the market share of search […]

AI & Big Data — 4 Oct 2023

In an age where everyone is suffering from information overload, generative AI is seen as only amplifying the overwhelming amount of content in our feeds. But what if it also held the solution to this problem? This was what serial entrepreneur Ian Mendiola is trying to achieve with his GenAI-powered news summary app, Gem. “We […]

Content & Games — 25 Sep 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, difficulties arose with in-person meetings and travel, leading to rapid growth in related industries such as the metaverse, virtual spaces, and virtual content. According to a Fortune Business Insight report in June 2023, the global virtual reality market was valued at $19.444 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow from […]

AR & VR — 19 Sep 2023

The fashion industry is amid a profound digital transformation, marked by the emergence of virtual models redefining how brands and labels market themselves online. One noteworthy example is the global fashion giant Balmain, which drew significant attention when it launched a campaign featuring virtual models during the 2019 fall season. Additionally, luxury Italian brand Fendi […]

Featured — 11 Sep 2023

Data analytics is revolutionizing various sectors. From commerce, where it’s fine-tuning marketing strategies, to healthcare, where it aids in rapid advancements, data is key. The sports industry is no exception. Popularized by movies like “Moneyball”, featuring Brad Pitt, data-driven player selections are transforming teams with middling records into championship contenders. In Korea, data has enhanced […]

Featured — 1 Sep 2023

The Domestic External Enterprise Storage System Market Forecast Report (2022-2026) expected that the Korean Internet Data Center will be worth KRW 840.2 billion won by 2026. As the business environment is going digital, cloud storage is prevalent not only in large companies but also in startups, using it to save files and share them. It […]

Featured — 29 Aug 2023

If you are taking a stroll through the bustling Nihonbashi district of Tokyo, you might come across Fujin Tree – Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne, a restaurant showcasing a brilliant fusion of Taiwanese delicacies with a touch of French elegance. Meanwhile, 2,000 kilometers away in Taipei, the super-popular Tokyo hamburger steak brand Hikiniku To Come has […]

Featured — 29 Aug 2023

The semiconductor sector is gaining global prominence with powerhouses like the United States, China, and Japan in a race to dominate the industry. The US even enacted legislation in 2022 to bolster its national semiconductor industry. Amid this competitive landscape, Uniqconn Inc., a fast-emerging global semiconductor firm located in Seongnam Pangyo Techno Valley, is making […]