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Clean Technology — 1 Dec 2023

Participation from the general public is key to advancing green development for the future, said Sabrina Peng, Chief Sustainability Officer of Ant Group, at the China Pavilion of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, UAE. Peng shared the story of Alipay Ant Forest, highlighting how this green initiative encouraged China’s general […]

Featured — 29 Nov 2023

Japan, for many non-Japanese entrepreneurs, is a wonderful market but with many barriers. A different language. A culture very different from that of the Western world. A conservative and slow decision-making process in corporations. These all seem to signal that change is not welcome here. That might not be the case, actually. Fintech start-up Habitto […]

AI & Big Data — 25 Nov 2023

Chowis Company (“Chowis”), a specialist in skin, hair and scalp diagnostic solutions, has teamed up with global Pierre Fabre Laboratories to launch the new technology Dermoprime. This multi-type diagnostic system can analyse the skin, hair and scalp by simply changing the lens and by using “Here to Care”, a professional software that provides scientific analysis […]

Featured — 24 Nov 2023

The global rise in cognitive health issues, notably dementia, has spurred Korean startup Silvia Health to forefront with its groundbreaking age-tech solution. Led by CEO Myung Jin Ko and CTO Jaemin Cheon,  Silvia Health addresses the pressing challenges of cognitive decline through its Silvia platform—an advanced digital healthcare application emphasizing early detection, prevention, and management […]

Enterprise & SaaS — 24 Nov 2023

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication is crucial, and scheduling can be a major hurdle. Enter Splab, a Korean startup revolutionizing scheduling with its cutting-edge solution, SendTime. With significant seed investments from renowned names like Spark Labs, 500 Global, CJ Investment, and Bespin Global, Splab, led by sisters Changhee Seon and Minsueng Seon, is […]

Featured — 24 Nov 2023

Promedius, a pioneering Korean startup in AI medical diagnostics, is making noteworthy strides in healthcare. Initially spanning various applications, the company now concentrates on osteoporosis, utilizing AI for triaging patients through chest X-ray images. Traditionally, DXA tests have been the gold standard for osteoporosis, hindered by limited accessibility. With osteoporosis often asymptomatic, cases are typically […]

Content & Games — 24 Nov 2023

In the realm of customer surveys, the no-code tech startup Smore is making waves by offering a transformative solution. While traditional survey tools often lack personalization and fail to deliver a positive experience, Smore bridges the gap between brands and customers. Unlike platforms like Google Forms, Smore provides an immersive and customizable approach that boosts […]

Featured — 24 Nov 2023

The landscape of software development is undergoing a transformative shift with the rise of no-code tools, and Korean startup Skylink is at the forefront of this revolution. In response to Gartner’s prediction that 7 out of 10 apps released in 2024 will be developed by non-tech professionals, Skylink introduced its groundbreaking platform,  WaveOn. Launched in […]

Cybersecurity — 23 Nov 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of digital transformation, Hopae Inc., a pioneering Korean startup, has risen to prominence as a leading provider of digital identity solutions. With a proven track record in their domestic market, the company is now making strides by expanding its services to the European Union (EU) with Furo—a cutting-edge solution designed for […]

Enterprise & SaaS — 23 Nov 2023

In a bold move to reshape the B2B sales CRM software landscape, Korean startup Relate, has unveiled a cutting-edge CRM tool meticulously designed for B2B startups. Prioritizing product-led growth (PLG), Relate addresses the distinctive challenges faced by B2B startups in streamlining their sales processes. In response to the limitations of existing CRM software, especially the […]