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BeNative is an internationally acclaimed digital platform that allows users to learn the native English language with the help of native English speakers across the globe. The teaching methods involve many exercises, including watching videos of Interviews, Advertisements and various other forms of content, that includes native English speaking leaders from around the globe. Over 600,000 people across 180 countries use the BeNative platform.

Their app is available on Google Play Store and coming soon on the iPhone. Here is the reason why now is the best time to sign up for their lessons.

The BeNative dive into cryptocurrency

The idea to launch their bitcoin called the BeNative Voucher (BNV) is a scheme to incentivize users to learn more. BNV can be bought, or earned with progression. The app provides them with content, and additional premium content can be purchased with the BNV that they receive. This will run parallel to the XP(eXperience Points) system and will encourage even more people to take up learning Native English Language.

BeNative Voucher

BeNative Voucher

The BeNative Voucher, like every other cryptocurrency, is a digital equivalent for money. In this case, BNV can be used to purchase a premium membership, as well as content on the BeNative App. The token is going to be released at the DCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange on September 15, 2019, at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time(September 16, 2019, 03:00 AM GMT). The price of 1 BNV is 0.01$. 

The currency can be used to purchase Premium BeNative and acquire unlockable content. The developers have launched a new way for users to carry out micro-transactions in the app with the help of cryptocurrency. Micro-transactions are the small purchases that you make in applications to unlock certain content blocked by a paywall. These are common in many forms in almost all sectors.

BNV can also be earned by completing the exercises on the app, like Quizzes, and even by inviting friends to sign up on the platform. This gives the user more reason to practice and learn more. The XP and the BNV together form a compelling basis to want more progress in an app that helps non-native users to learn and improve their English. 

The Limited Time Offer

Alongside the release of BNV, the company has also announced a few more offers for a limited time frame. The premium app purchase, which costs $7.99, will be reduced to $0.99 for two weeks, starting from September 16, 2019. The cost will be increasing by a dollar every two weeks until it reaches the initial price of $7.99 again. This is for the potential customers to be incentivized into signing up for the app early. However, during this time frame, the cost of the purchase of the premium app in BNV will remain 100 tokens.

The uses of BNV 

Outside serving as an alternative payment method to purchase the premium app, BNV will also serve many other functions, primarily as the currency used in the platform for micro-transactions. The token can be used to unlock premium English quiz and Brand quiz applications. B2B transactions can also be conducted using BNV, using which employees can pay for courses in other languages. Companies can also utilize BNV as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility scholarships.

The Verdict

BeNative dive into the world of cryptocurrency opens up a new and virtually unexplored realm of possibilities. The venture is a brave one in the field of education. In a time when Online Education is becoming more popular, the idea of using cutting edge technology in it seems to be a very sensible move.

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