Basecamp Introduces Basecamp Personal, a Free Version for Small Projects

Basecamp Personal

Basecamp, the US-based operator of a project management tool that allows people working together to organise and discuss, has introduced Basecamp Personal, a free version of its popular app.

Basecamp Personal is a completely free version of the Basecamp management tool, allowing freelancers, students, families, individuals to use the app for personal projects, according to a Product Hunt post.

This development has been welcomed by users around the world, who, from the beginning, know that Basecamp is priced for businesses and not for personal side projects. Which means the app is not for free. Until Basecamp Personal has been introduced.

The company, founded in 1999 by Ernest Kim and Jason Fried, said the free version of the app allows a maximum of 20 users to work on three projects, with 1GB of storage space. And while it is free, it does not run advertisements and does not require users to key in credit card information.

In a post, Fried said the free version can be used for home improvement projects, manage weddings, hobbies, volunteer projects, family events, sports teams, neighborhood association, small freelance gigs, and manage all sorts of personal stuff.

"Why should businesses be the only ones who get to use Basecamp to manage projects? We The People deserve a Basecamp for us, too!" Fried said.

Basecamp introduced a Personal plan before, with a rate of $25 per project. But the recently launched version comes completely free with way better features, the company said.

The introduction of the free version of Basecamp immediately received warm reception from the public. One comment said the introduction of the free version will be "a game-changer for my marriage" as it allows the management of wedding plans.

"I only just started but so far it is making me feel calm... this Basecamp thing seems to just work, it's not overwhelming," another user added.

"We've just started using Basecamp Personal to connect the different companies at our business hub. Having a free tier means we could get started quickly on a platform that can grow with us. We're now able to plan our cross-company Christmas meal," added another user.

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