Artelus – Healthcare Startup to Revolutionize Diabetic Related Retina Diagnostics

The AI Vision

Artelusan India based start-up founded in 2017, developed and introduced a range of groundbreaking diagnostic products to help aid healthcare professionals to fight the loss of vision in diabetics. Spread across 286 locations, Artelus claims to have saved over 5000 eyes in less than a year. The name stands for Artificial Learning System, as the company integrates artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, a learning system modeled on the brain neural system that learns from data, to develop their innovative products that keep getting better with each diagnosis. Their products provide accurate computer-aided screening tools and diagnostics for early detection of diabetic retinopathy, which can help prevent loss of vision.

The Artelus team is also involved in developing screening tools to help detect TB, lung cancer, and breast cancer at an early stage by leveraging deep learning algorithms for early detection. The company aims to increase and complement the healthcare providers accurate detection and diagnosis, prevention and faster treatment of these ailments through their pioneering products with the stated mission to apply deep learning technology to make a difference in the lives of billions of people.

Artelus aims to improve healthcare through AI products as it will improve accuracy and speed. Their screening tools aimed at early detection are programmed to get better with each scan owing to the learning ability of deep learning technology. This means that the products not only provide a more accurate diagnosis over time but also help save often and help reduce costs. However, it is the social aspect of using these technologies highly significant for the role in preempting potential damage through early detection and prevention.

The company describes itself as a deep learning healthcare company. AI supported Healthcare is estimated to be a multi-million dollars industry and is also slated to be one of the top five industries hugely affected by the development and integration of AI and deep learning technologies.

Artelus Products for Diabetic Retinopathy

Artelus has developed three AI and deep learning products that specialize in providing diagnostic solutions: Sushruta, an early identification screening tool; Hansanet, for grading retina image quality, and Nimi, for segmenting region for legions for diabetic retinopathy.
There are several more projects and solutions in the pipeline that include validation and data gathering for TB, lung cancer, and breast cancers, and multiple sclerosis.

Deep Learning Technology Will Help Doctors Save Vision of Millions

Artelus is based in Bangalore with centers in Illinois, USA, and Dubai. Artelus displayed their products early this year in the UAE Innovation Month, 2018, the largest such event, where experiments confirmed 96% accuracy in the detection rate of their screening tools, which were also faster than the human scan of the retina. Doctors at the Dubai Health Authority showed a positive inclination to incorporate the technology and saw it as a boon to help millions.

There are nearly a billion diabetics in the world with one in three likely to lose their vision. Artelus’ visionary products will go a long way in helping early detection and prevention of DR. The high accuracy along with cost-effectiveness, time saved, and wider accessibility are strong reasons for the encouragement and growth of an AI supported healthcare industry.

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