AI solutions By Aibee – A game changer in the vertical industry

The access to big data and advancements in hardware processing capabilities have ushered in a new era of AI applications. Areas like cyber-security, IOT, and healthcare where there are a huge number of data points available were quick to experiment with AI algorithms. But now, other verticals like real estate, travel, legal, media, and entertainment are also adopting this new technology.

With increased stores of data and better algorithms, the error rate for computer calculations is better than that of humans for various functions. There has also been an improvement in the hardware performance thus allowing the machines to process an extraordinary amount of data. This has been the major driver of the improvement in the accuracy of AI models. Remembering that artificial intelligence has a huge potential to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, leading hi-tech companies have already taken initial steps. However, the verticals have shown willingness too.

Build an AI-powered world with Aibee’s AI total solutions

Aibee, with its headquarters in Beijing, was founded by Dr. Yuanqing Lin in November 2017. The main aim of this startup is to offer AI total solutions in order to upgrade the vertical industries that include the development of natural language understanding, speech recognition, big data analytics, and image identification. The name Aibee has been derived from AI2B (AI to business).

The focus is on building a closed loop of data and algorithms. These loops are used for constantly improving AI until the perfection is achieved. With the focus on the core value of the vertical industries, the solutions are then developed. 

The AI focused technology of the company has raised a handsome amount of funding. To name a few, companies like Sequoia, China Growth Capital, K2VC, Zhen Fund, Kinzon capital, Horizon Robotics, Sparkle VC have invested in the Aibee’s AI technology. The company offers solutions for the retail industry to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

The working methodology

The team of Aibee works with short iterations. They begin each case by doing client consultation as a first step followed up with a specialist review done by a team of AI engineers. This is done beforehand so the solutions offered are well-rounded. After that, the team collaborates with the engineers from the client side to deliver the final service or the product as per the requirement.

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