AI for Businesses- The Robust Abeja Platform

In this digital world, data plays an important role in structuring business strategies. Big Data creates huge opportunities for AI and its subset ML. Nowadays, AI solutions have widespread commercial use in many industries, and there is no doubt that they will have even more applications in the near future.

Abeja, a Tokyo-based company offers solutions for retail stores to improve traffic or customer path based on machine learning technologies and image analysis. Its AI-powered analytics suite Abeja platform has served to over 150 companies. Besides that, over 520 stores in over 100 companies have availed the Abeja Insight for retail, to give them store analysis solutions.

Advanced AI-powered solutions by Abeja for the new era

Abeja Platform is a platform that integrates state-of-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies including Big Data, IOT, and deep learning. This platform allows the users to carry out a sophisticated analysis with the accumulated data.

Recently the Abeja Platform has been certified as Japan’s first Amazon Web Services (AWS) machine learning competency partner making it as the eighth certified organization across the globe.

For retailers and distributors, Abeja Insight supports analysis and utilization of store business data and inventory management optimization. The focus is laid on the visualization of in-store customer’s behavior. Similarly, for manufacturers and infrastructure companies, Abeja Insight helps in improving efficiency.

Abeja with its strong Machine Learning (ML) expertise and technical capabilities is respected across the industry for the effective deployment of its tech solutions. The recent investment by Google in Abeja proves the point that the innovative solutions offered by the company for the retail and manufacturing sector, and other verticals stand out amongst the rest.

Although the amount of funding by Google has not been disclosed, it is expected to be around 10 million USD based on their past records. However, this six-year-old company (founded in 2012) has raised about $53 million so far.

Experience the high-level technical fulfillment

Abeja has an in-house laboratory that performs activities to make research seeds grow into a business. The high-level specialized research is supported by professors from leading universities of the world. Additionally, the in-house development of cloud-computing infrastructure is done to efficiently control the exploding IOT devices.

It is being said that going forward Google and Abeja will collaborate on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions across various sectors including the manufacturing and retail to drive in the further growth in the Japanese AI sector.

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