AI and Deep Learning in Medical Diagnosis – 12 Sigma Revolutionizing Healthcare

AI-based applications have made their way into the healthcare space across the globe. The developments in this technology for healthcare aims to assist the professionals in that field with aspects of their roles that includes remote caregiving, assistive diagnostics, and improving a patient’s ability to manage and track their health parameters by using data from wearable devices.

As AI comes into play in the healthcare industry, the questions that arise are

  • What tangible results can it offer?
  • How can this affect the future of the healthcare industry?

To answer the above, a Chinese company 12 Sigma technologies has done significant development in this field and has proven results which show that AI can play a pivotal role in this sector.

12 Sigma’s Computer Aided Diagnostic

12 Sigma Technologies headquartered in San Diego, California offers robust medical data analysis software powered by AI and deep learning. It was found by 2 ex-Qualcomm employees. The company claims it can help physicians and hospitals make a medical diagnosis by using deep learning technology. The company has collaborated with top-tier hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities in China to collect labeled images used to guide their deep learning image recognition.

The physicians can input a CAT scan or X-ray image into the software and investigate for indications of many diseases simultaneously. The image for symptoms of diseases such as lesions is analyzed and compared to several thousand scans from the patient diagnosed with a certain disease by a physician in the company’s database. Besides that, the system also provides a list of possible diseases and the points of concern identified in the scans that might be due to the disease.

Precise Medical Data Analysis

The deep learning platform of 12 Sigma Technologies has an outstanding place in pathological analysis, precision medicine, and genome sequencing analysis. Their deep learning platform can help researchers and doctors to analyze this medical data to find the source of many diseases with greater accuracy.

The accurate detection and segmentation results from their deep learning inspired flagship product can help doctors to interpret challenging medical cases with ease.

Cloud-based Diagnostic Platform

The cloud-based storage and computing platform of 12 Sigma uses an advanced dual-architectural system that can support both remote medical image sharing and online real-time diagnostics simultaneously. This enables the doctors to access the image data from anywhere in the world at any given time.

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