AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ – A Technological Boon For The 21st Century Farmer

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ

Agrome IQ is a Brunei-based agriculture technology service platform that provides extensive farming solutions and education to improve the condition of struggling agriculturists. Founded by Vanessa Teo in 2017, the AgriTech startup Agrome IQ aids the digitalization of farm management through its smartphone application and instant support services. Agrome IQ employs a real-time monitoring technology that gathers data from farm systems to facilitate the formation of customized solutions for a higher yield. The data analytics offered by Agrome IQ help agriculturists boost farming production and quality. Headquartered in Bandar Seri Begawan, Agrome IQ has emerged as a technological boon for 21st-century farmers.

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ

With climate change and a host of other issues reducing agricultural output, farmers are struggling to sustain and make agriculture profitable. Well, the solution is definitely not migration to cities. Timely adoption of technology and innovative processes facilitates operational effectiveness and makes this evergreen profession profitable. AgriTech startup Agrome IQ is leading this transformation with its innovative and world-class offerings.

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ Secures Six-figure Funding from VC Firm Cerana Capital

Innovative AgriTech startup Agrome IQ has successfully acquired six-figure funding from Cerana Capital which is a VC firm based in Singapore. This major investment by Cerana Capital will make it possible for Agrome IQ to hire new personnel for its team and build a strong presence in the Southeast Asian market. Most essentially, it will allow the startup to expand its reach to fifty different distributors who would purchase farmers produce on Agrome IQ’s platform. In addition to all that, the agriculture technology solutions provider will utilize the funds to enable product development and facilitate the creation of an ecosystem for agriculturists.  

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ

Business Roadmap of Agritech Startup Agrome IQ

The prime purpose of AgriTech startup Agrome IQ is to empower the tech-savvy generation of growers with its smart and efficacious farming solutions. Since its very inception, Agrome IQ has benefitted a large number of careworn agriculturalists by assisting them to attain productive farm systems through its mobile application. With financial support from eminent VC firms, Agrome IQ is beginning to make the necessary changes in its business operations and product ranges for better outcomes.

AgriTech Startup Agrome IQ

Besides fostering new partnerships, the company is strengthening relationships with existing prospective investors to actualize its dream of feeding nine billion people in approximately thirty years. The newer version of Agrome IQ’s application which is most likely to release in two months will enable collaborative decision-making among agriculturalists belonging to the same geographic regions for more efficient sourcing of farm inputs. As of now, the agriculture technology company is focusing on expansion in Singapore and Brunei while aiming to establish a presence in other Southeast Asian nations in the near future.

Watch out for this innovative and truly futuristic AgriTech startup Agrome IQ.

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